A pacemaker and the ‘Blind case’ are Eriksen’s hopes

The question of whether Eriksen will be able to play football again remains after the collapse suffered during Denmark-Finland. It is still too early to know and it will depend on the medical tests that are still being carried out, but there are cases of players who suffered similar situations and then have continued to play football. One of them is Blind, the Dutch footballer who made his debut against Ukraine in the tournament and who was Eriksen’s former teammate at Ajax. In his case, he fainted in a friendly against Hertha due to a problem with his pacemaker.. After that, he continued playing, but always with a lot of attention from doctors and cardiologists. A pacemaker, precisely, is what Eriksen could also use if it is determined that the problem suffered was in the heart and can be controllable, as with Blind.

In any case, the Dutch defender had very bad memories when he saw that Eriksen collapsed and was on the verge of not playing against Ukraine: “I had a lot of problems with it, but I’m proud to have gotten over it. These days all emotions resurfaced. I clearly thought about not playing Ukraine. The photos and the time on the floor had a lot of impact on me and I did not sleep very well because of that.. I really had to overcome a big obstacle to play, “he said after the game.

“What happened on Saturday had a huge impact on me. Besides the fact that I know Christian well as a friend, the situation is dire for him. Of course, I also had some experiences in this area, so I had to overcome a mental hurdle. There are several that we have also coincided with Abdelhak Nouri (victim of a heart attack during a friendly match with Ajax) or that we are Christian’s teammates. It had a lot of impact. And also for my family. My parents, my wife … “. Blind eventually played and was replaced by Nathan Aké during the second half..

A pacemaker and the Blind case are Eriksens hopes