A DJ threatened by the positive of Messi

About 15 kilometers from Rosario, in the city of Funes, in a private neighborhood called Miraflores, is Lionel messi complying as corresponds with the isolation stage after learning that he has coronavirus. Since the PSG confirmed the positive of his No. 30, the news was decorated with multiple nuances. At one point, a famous DJ friend of the phenomenon was identified on social networks as guilty and even received threats.

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The positive of Messi exploded on Sunday morning in Argentina. For the devotion it generates Leo, immediately on social networks they began to look for a person responsible: who infected it? And the target from the beginning was Fer Palace, DJ of the moment, who had been with the soccer player of the PSG at the Christmas Eve celebration party.

TO Fer Palace It was pointed out to him because before he had also participated in an event for streamers and DJs, which had culminated in two positive cases. So, without verifying that he was among those people with Covid-19, it was still assumed that he had infected Messi.

“They have called me a murderer”

The situation reached such a point that the DJ himself made a post on Instagram clarifying everything: “People, how are you doing. I just got up, they sent me a lot of messages. I’m a trend on Twitter because Messi tested positive for Covid. They relate me saying that I infected it. They have even called me a murderer. I have a lot of very rude private messages. Yesterday I had studied because I have to travel to Uruguay. And I don’t have Covid. Now I show it to you. To all those who throw me bad, a kiss, “he said Fer Palace in the video. And closed it showing the negative result. Also your Twitter He published the report with his test and wrote: “I did not infect Messi.”

The rumors of the positive of Messi in Argentina they had been circulating since Friday. They were accentuated on Saturday, when only his companions left for Paris Angel Di Maria Y Leandro Paredes. There already the PSG had issued a statement announcing five positives, but without giving the names. In case of Leo It would have been detected in the mandatory test that is carried out before each trip, hours after the New Year’s Eve message that he posted on the networks and that in one part focused on that “many people who had a really bad time because of this virus of shit that never ends. “

Messi arrived in Argentina on December 23. While the positive cases of Covid-19 grew in the country in an exponential way, the crack was in several family parties. In one of them, the group Los Palmeras gave a musical show. That same night and in that place, too Leo coincided with Fer Palace, the DJ that fans of Messi They took aim and he had to go out to defend himself.

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A DJ threatened by the positive of Messi