A bad habit at Real Madrid

ANDl pothole of results that goes through the Real Madrid it has been analyzed from many points of view. There has been talk of lack of gol, of the defensive changes, of the midfield… But there is a factor that does not make as much noise as the others and that surely has the same or more impact as the cause of the Ancelotti’s first crisis: the casualties. Possibly because, for some time now, Real Madrid has got used to living with them. And that’s a bad habit.

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Before him Spanish they were neither more nor less than eight casualties those that Madrid suffered. The same eight casualties he had against him Betis in the third day of the League. In the other eight games the number of absences was not much lower. In total, among the 10 games played by Madrid this season in League and Champions they leave an average of 6.2 kills per game. A figure large enough for pass invoice and condition the technician when facing, for example, the last three weeks of competition in which Madrid played seven games in 22 days, practically a duel every three days.


Many months

The Real Madrid it has been dragging this burden of casualties for many months. The injuries have been joined by Covid, which also severely punished the white team in the final stretch of last season. The mixture of physical problems and the virus they took at the time to Zidane to a limit situation from which it seemed that the team was not going to come out well. They came to be a month (February) competing in League and Champions with between seven and nine casualties.

The last 25 games of the last campaign were a survival exercise that has been extended to the first 10 of the present one. Total, In these last 35 Real Madrid games, the average casualties are almost 6 per game. There have been 200 casualties that have been distributed in this margin of encounters. With peaks as extreme as Nine casualties suffered by Madrid against Valladolid and Atalanta, eight o’clock in front of Huesca, Getafe, Betis and Espanyol, or the seven that have been divided into three more meetings.

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Leader in injuries

Barely a month and a half of competition has taken Madrid to once again lead the injury ranking among First Division teams. Last year was the team with the most injuries suffered, arriving at 60 (31 more than Atltico and 22 more than Barcelona). The grenade, with 50, it was the second team that suffered the most injuries. The rest in their great majority moved in a margin of 30-40 injuries.

The Madrid He signed a critical year last year in the nurse and now he is back to his old ways, once again being the team with the most injuries since the beginning of the preseason. In the whites there are already 19 injuries suffered, distributed among 14 players. Against Espanyol a list of absences was fired again that they cannot reduce and that the team is accusing.

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The club, worried

In Madrid they did not look the other way at the end of last season. The injury crisis suffered by the team was present in the revolution that the club made in the coaching staff. The return of Antonio Pintus To lead the physical field, respond, among other things, to the need to correct the problem of injuries. Madrid took action, but does not finish finding a truce because the team is once again very physically punished.

There are already several players who accumulate many low games and there are also several positions that are being a headache for Ancelotti. Of all the casualties, the prolonged Carvajal and Mendy they are doing harm. That of Hazard It is also a blow because the physical plan was expected to help him shine again.