1×1 Barcelona: the leader now is Memphis

1x1 Barcelona the leader now is Memphis

Net: The goal Brazilian He had an outstanding performance, with great interventions on dry auctions by Cristiano and Chiesa. Of course, he would have to be a little more careful by lavishing himself too much when making the stake in some outside auctions. Against Juventus he did it twice, passing the ball very right to the post, between Salzburg, he ate it directly. He won the best Gamper player award.

Dest: At noon he appeared with a surprising outfit to say goodbye to Leo, dressed as a basketball player, but at night he hung it in the closet, to put on the Blaugrana kit. His game was correct, without fanfare but without major errors. And that in his case, with the many gaps he usually has in a match, is already a positive factor to take into account.

Araújo: Good Uruguayan international party, who always resorts to forcefulness in his actions. Good in anticipation and solvent in the air game. Now the only thing missing is that his ankle can hold him this season.

Barcelona Shield / Flag

Pwhat: He started the game with a very serious face, aware that the season has started in an inhospitable way for the Blaugrana after Messi’s departure. He completed the ninety minutes with a serious game and with the presence of Shakira and her children in the stands.

Sunrise: He has improved on his disastrous performance in Salzburg. Much more successful in his passes, coming up judiciously and with dangerous centers, which his teammates failed to take advantage of. Of course, he keeps making a big mistake, like a resounding failure in a loan, that he went directly to Chiesa, and that he was close to scoring.

Sergio Busquets: His first game as the first official captain. After an institutional speech, the player took to the field with the responsibility of leading the team. It more than met the objective, but this has only just begun.

Sergi Roberto: He works like the most and tries to collaborate in all facets of the game, but to play for Barça and even more so in the midfield you need a ‘plus’ that the youth squad does not provide today. It does nothing wrong but it does not stand out in anything especially.

Demir: Aim for the first team this season. He has ambition, desire and self-confidence to stop a train. He gave a great assist to Memphis to open the scoring. In addition, he sacrifices himself in defense like the most, recovering balls in dangerous areas. He has beaten a Riqui Puig, who paints more every day that his role in the team will not change this year.

Braithwaite: The Danish is one of those discreet and honest players, who always comply with the script and who put the team before themselves. With this ‘curriculum’ he has been forging a name in football and now that his place is in danger at Barcelona, ​​it seems that he also wants to show that he is a scorer. He scored against Salzburg and now he has done it again against Juventus, with a powerful header taking advantage of a great Memphis center.

Griezmann: The Frenchman came out of the Johan Cruyff stadium to an applause. The fans thanked him for his commendable effort and his desire to be liked, although he was not always able to transfer it on the pitch. He seems to have taken over the role of free kicker in the post-Messi era, with a record so far certainly disappointing. He was better in his defensive role than offensive, but people wanted to pardon someone and he was the first.

Memphis: Despite the fact that the award was given to Neto, it is clear that the Dutchman is the most clairvoyant and effective player in the attack. Messi’s goodbye and Agüero’s injury make him the benchmark forward and he is fully complying. He scored a goal in the opening minutes and gave an assist to Braithwaite on the second goal. Generous in the effort and intelligent in the game on his back, taking advantage of his physical corpulence. He was close to scoring the second, in a somewhat muddled play. He was applauded on different occasions by the stands, which today are orphans of idols.


Umtiti: This game should serve to raise awareness that his cycle at Barça is over. Whistled as he jumped onto the field, his incredulous face reflected that he was having a hard time. Then on the field his game was more than good and in the end the public even replied with some applause.

Emerson: He placed himself on the right wing, but he looked a bit devious. He tried to shoot on goal, but the ball went too far.

Nico: He continues to show that he has enough qualities to stay in the first team. Every day it grows.

Bucket: It has casts on the left wing, although sometimes it sins from an excess of precipitation.

Riqui Puig: Koeman still doesn’t believe in him, but the one from Matadepera continues to err. He scored a great goal, with a very precise shot and with effect.

Manaj: He was close to scoring again. In any case, the preseason ends as the top scorer with 5 goals.

Collado: It seemed that he had both feet in the Belgian Brugge, but he has returned and played a few minutes. Intranscendent.