Without shine there is no gold

1628365848 Without shine there is no gold

SI was at the gates of gold Spain. One against Brazil in the second half of overtime ruined the options of a team that tried but paid for its mistakes behind. In the first goal Cunha was ready and in the second Malcom won the race to Vallejo. Those of Luis de la Fuente were not worse than his rival, but neither were they better.

A bad first half of Spain in which he only reached the goal of Santos on one occasion with some clarity, he finished in the worst possible way. With a goal from a Cunha that showed the defensive deficiencies of the Spanish team. The last play of the first half came with possession for Brazil and the players of the national team thinking more about the provisioning than about following the game. Ace Claudinho and Arana took advantage of it. Both beat scar Gil while Asensio followed the play from a distance and began a chain of nonsense by the boys of Luis de la Fuente. The Brazilian center reached the far post of the goal defended by Unai so that Alves, more veteran than anyone, put the ball in the heart of the area. Cucurella did not avoid it and Pau was not able to clear the danger to the joy of a Cunha who finished at the back of the net.

Without shine there is no gold

A game that was not following the plan established by Spain was getting complicated, far from it. No danger was generated by the bands and in the center of the field they did not manage to accumulate passes. Beyond a ball that Diego Carlos took almost under sticks After Olmo believed more than anyone with an assistance from Oyarzabal, the truth is that the scares were taken by Spain.

Brazil has the clearest chances

It is true that Jardine’s team was not particularly superior either, but while warming up the game they also got closer to the rival goal. He did not show his football but, luckily, Brazil did not take advantage of it either. So what Richarlison had several occasions for it. The Everton footballer first sent a shot from the danger zone into the clouds and then wasted a maximum penalty that the VAR pointed out on Unai. It seems that technology skipped protocol and called for a very dubious penalty. Vale that the departure of the Vitoria was horrible, but Cunha put out his arm to get in his way when the Athletic goal flew and ended up on the ground. Penalty of those who had not explained us.

The disappointing first act they paid for Asensio and Mikel Merino. The first was barely seen in attack and the second failed to prevail in the medullary. Luis had lined him up ahead of Zubimendi and at the height of Pedri to have a little more arrival from the second line and get closer to Oyarzabal, but nothing could be further from reality.

1628365846 839 Without shine there is no gold

The changes came very well to a national team that, looking for the goalkeeper of Santos, suffered two good scares that Unai solved with success. Richardlison ran into Unai again and on one occasion and another it was Oscar Gil who took out under the sticks.

Spain recovers the ball

Removing those two actions, the ball once again belonged to a Spain that saw how Olmo came into play more and he galloped with the ball, Zubimendi recovered more balls than ever and Pedri did not take the ball from him despite surrounding him in every possible way. But it was Bryan Gil who had depth along the lime line and Soler the one who was able to advance lines with the ball in his power. The football of Spain was something else and the tie seemed to be possible.

And so it was. In a change of band between Olmo and Bryan, the one from Barbate played with Soler on the right to put a cross at the far post that Oyarzabal finished off with a volley. Two actions worthy of a team that seemed to go ahead but did not put that second gear to equalize the score.

A punishment in another extension

But Spain could not give continuity to their game. He did not impose his rhythm and the match was still very even in the center of the field with some superiority from Brazil in some bands that De la Fuente ended up moving for an extension that was not prevented by the shots of sar Gil and Bryan. The first was with a very closed center and the second with a powerful shot that hit the wood square.

And in the extension came the punishment for Spain. With the bands very physically touched, the Spanish coach put Vallejo and Miranda in the lanes, but it was not avoided to stop Malcom. The former Barcelona player won the race against Aragons and did not fail in the hand-to-hand with Unai. The Games are over for a team that played metal again 21 years later.