Will the NFL dynasties end from the 2021 season?

By Enrique “Henri” B. Franco. Follow your project on @patriots nation and nacionpatriota.com)

The Kansas City Chiefs debacle brought up the idea that a successor to the AFC crown is now needed, but is it really a new team added to the NFL dynasties that we fans really need? the league situation really to host another era of total dominance of a single franchise?

The failures of the past

The Packers, Steelers, 49ers, Cowboys and so many teams that in the last century dominated the NFL for a long time, without a rival to overcome them, they ended as the salary cap settled, the changes in the development of the sport itself and many other factors They have been cruel to the dynasty attempts of the last ten years: Seahawks, Eagles and even the 49ers were unable to take the next step or sustain success after winning Super Bowls.

These also seem recently to be joined by the Chiefs, former SB LIV champions who seemed set to repeat in the last Super Bowl and reach this season, but now, far from even the divisional leadership. And it is that, between promises of generational talents, a master mind behind everything and a good number of correct decisions in its construction, these false dynasties believed they could match a feat less and less typical of our times.

Factors Against the NFL Dynasties

In the beginning, the NFL prevented more economic advantages as a measure to avoid more inequality on the field: the teams had the same economic cap and since then, it goes up or (very occasionally) down the same for everyone. Then there were teams that adapted, like the Patriots, who even achieved twenty years of dominance with a methodology using this and they moved at ease for all that time.

However, the league, aware that more and more teams began to seek to succeed New England in this “iron throne”, began to change things, but always joined the time to achieve a goal: parity.

The perpetual search for balance

The great thing about this sport is that we all enjoy and suffer in equal parts: every week it offers an unpredictable product. In recent years, despite those nostalgia, the league has avoided falling into trends; the strong of one season may be the victims of the next and vice versa. That the Chiefs have started to crumble lately is just an increasingly reliable system against the NFL dynasties.

This brings us to these days, because, without that dominance, now the good thing begins: who becomes king of the AFC? And we give names after names: Bills, Ravens, Browns, Chargers, etc. It’s fun because we don’t know what to expect anymore; not even QB Patrick Mahomes is the unanimous favorite for this year’s MVP award like before, this time there are faces like Prescott, Jackson, Allen… even Winston could have a chance.

By far, the latter is an example of the diversification resulting from the egalitarian nature of the constant changes in this league.

Times of change

Nostalgia is a powerful element in our lives, it makes us long for what was, but it clouds our view of the present and of course, the future. And while QB Tom Brady continues to lead the NFL in certain areas, looking for another ring, it is also true that it represents that era that is increasingly distant. He precisely comes from the last dynasty, where everyone saw fun going against a single team, but let’s be honest, would it be again?

The special will always be like that for being unique. Don’t get me wrong, I like to remember other times, but I am much more excited about looking forward to tomorrow, being excited about the future and trying to predict what will happen. I want my team to be able to win tomorrow, when today comes from losing; that when a game paints for slaughter, it can be enjoyed to the end, and most importantly, that we all have the opportunity to see our franchises triumph.

We focus too much on looking for that new dominant team, that we do not look at the whole picture: EVERYONE CAN BE. Not even Tom Brady himself, along with his unstoppable Buccaneers, will be able to prevent this progress. The possibilities are many, the greatest enjoyment and the joys are shared by everyone. Eternally “salty” teams like Bills, Buccaneers, Chargers or Browns, now fight and give happiness to their long-suffering hobbies.

And in the future, who knows, but even the Lions could have their moment. Isn’t a more equal competition a little better?

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