Why were there so many cases of COVID in the Honduras National Team during the Gold Cup and not in other teams? – Ten – Sports Diary

Why were there so many cases of COVID in the

Honduras did not have one gold Cup calm on the sanitary issue. The cases Covid-19 they were the order of the day and affected the performance and the final result of a selection that clearly violated the biosafety protocol.

There were no restrictions for the players other than with the sports press that covered the headquarters of the “H” in Houston. The footballers received visits from family and friends and some did so without their respective mask.

The players’ relatives were strolling through the hotel lobby JW Marriot of Houston and biosafety protocols were not being followed. It was breached in that sense and in the end it was paid dearly.

The national team after the winning debut 4-0 over grenade On July 13, they had a few hours off the next day and several of them went shopping and some without protection.

In fact, photographs of players and the Honduran representative’s coach circulated on social networks, Fabian Coito, taking pictures with Honduran fans in stores and without a mask. Total irresponsibility.

After the game against the Caribbean, the first positives came out. The motagüense Carlos “Muma” Fernández, which failed to debut in the Gold Cup 2021 and the scorer of the day before, Edwin Solano Solani, were infected with coronavirus and missed the rest of the competition.

After that, before the duel before Panama, the Uruguayan physical trainer Sebastian Urrutia He was also diagnosed positive for Covid-19, so he was completely absent from training. And there was more, because the coach, Fabian Coito, in the same way he became infected and could not be on the technical bench before Qatar Y Mexico.

In the Honduran bubble there were no measures or limitations, although there were DIEZ, which gave full coverage to the participation of the Honduras national team on the Gold Cup, observed that footballers like Luis “Buba” López, Jerry bengtson, Boniek Garcia Y Maynor figueroa they never removed their mask and urged their peers to do the same.

It should be noted that within the Honduran delegation at the concentration hotel in Houston, Texas, there was a viral picture of the flu, which affected several of the Honduran soccer players.

But the cases of coronavirus within the Honduran environment in United States they were not going to stop and finally, prior to the quarterfinal duel between Mexico played in Glendale, Arizona, the players tested positive before the match Felix crisanto, Walter Martinez Y Juan Delgado.

In total, the debauchery that existed in the “bubble” of the catracha selection in Houston had a final balance of five infected footballers and two members of the coaching staff, including the Uruguayan coach Fabian Coito Machado.