Why does Juve prefer Cristiano to go to City

In the absence of a week until the market closes, Juventus still does not know if they will have Cristiano or not. What was expected has happened: the outcome of the possible domino effect with Mbappé as the protagonist, has been stretched until the end of this session.

Ronaldo is likely to stay in Turin today. However, and despite the statements of the bianconeri, in Italy nobody rules out that there are surprises in recent days. CR7 did not start against Udinese, something absolutely unusual and that, except for injuries, had not happened since 2005 in a first league match.

They talked about management and conditions, but the way in which the Portuguese jumped onto the field (with an annulled goal included), shows that he was very well, better than ever. And who knows if with a 0-3 on the scoreboard instead of a 1-2 he would have played at the restart.

Sky‘He spoke of a request from the player, although what he filters now is that the decision was joint and it is inevitable to think about the market. PSG, which obviously depends on the soap opera Mbappé, is the first option on the table, but not the only one. With Manchester United that has not made a move again, City remains, and it is the best opportunity for Juventus.

Juventus Shield / Flag

The reason is very simple: the bianconeri, for months, they have chosen Gabriel Jesús as a possible heir to their star. The Brazilian is the first name on his list, and an operation with the Citizens I could include him for a trade that would make everyone happy.

City’s priority is Kane, another very complicated negotiation, and Cristiano represents a concrete alternative, for which there have already been contacts. There are doubts about the coexistence between Ronaldo and Guardiola’s football, but the possibility exists and the player himself, as he learned ACE, was informed about the club and about Pep. L’Equipe, in the afternoon of this Tuesday, confirmed this news and titled: “Cristiano is seen in the City.” In a week we will know if there will be a surprise … Or if each one will stay where they are.