Who to line up in Fantasy Football? – Week 5 NFL Season 2021

We’ve been in our long-awaited Fantasy Football leagues for almost a month this NFL 2021 Season and that’s why we leave you the players to line up for week 5, the famous Star’t em that can not be missing in our weekly roster planning.

Remember that a large part of the leagues are won by being an active owner who moves his line-up and who adds players who give value to the team where others pass by, so here I leave you the players that I project so that they have a great week and that are going unnoticed.

It should be noted that I would not initiate these players above the players who are in the top-5 consensus, therefore, this section will not mention those star players who will obviously be in your lineup such as QB Patrick Mahomes, RB Dalvin Cook or Derrick Henry, WR Davante Adams or TE Travis Kelce.

NOTE: Below the player you will find my specific point projections for this week. These projections are from the system (Non-PPR) and are conservative predictions.


Daniel Jones @ Dallas Cowboys

Projection: 20.9 points

Jones has played as one of the best QBs in the league. He is the seventh with the most yards thrown, he has had almost no plays that can end in the delivery of the ball (PFF), he has had one of the best ADoT with 9.1 and in passes of more than 20 yards he has been the twelfth QB with the most big throws. .

All that said, it shows that Daniel Jones is not just a Fantasy mirage, but is having a great year. It should be noted that he is the third quarterback – behind only Lamar Jackson and Jalen Hurts – with the most rushing yards in the entire NFL.

Kirk Cousins ​​vs Detroit Lions

Projection: 22 points

The Vikings QB before last week was playing like one of the best in the league. Until before week 3 it had been the highest percentage of adjusted completions (that is, without counting drops) of the entire NFL with 86.2%. It was also the QB7 of Fantasy Football and this week we can see one more performance of Kirk Cousins ​​dominating with little volume.

Running Backs

D’Andre Swift @ Minnesota Vikings

Projection: 11.6 points

He had a utilization improvement last week, in which he had the most snaps he has ever had this season. In addition, he solidified his aerial opportunities, being the clear RB for these game situations. Only Najee Harris has had more targets than D’Andre Swift in this position. With this aerial use, let’s wait a week within the top 10 in all formats, especially in PPR and 0.5 PPR.

Damien Harris @ Houston Texans

Projection: 12 points

Harris is a RB dependent on the match script. In games where the Patriots are losing, this player comes out to make his place for Brandon Bolden or other RBs that McDaniels relies more on when it comes to receiving. This is the type of game where Damien Harris has more than 20 carries and breaks the 100-yard barrier.

Wide Receivers

CeeDee Lamb vs New York Giants

Projection: 11.5 points

In case you are doubting whether or not to put this player, who has had two difficult weeks, the answer is “put it” and with all the security in the world. In recent weeks, the Cowboys attack has diversified, but even so, CeeDee Lamb has been the leader in targets for this team and is the “alpha.”

Jakobi Meyers @ Houston Texans

Projection: 10.6 points

Only five players have more targets than him in 2021 and this speaks to the high volume he has and what he can do against this defense. It’s been a tough year for Jakobi Myers, with a low average yards per run, but this week goes to show why he was considered one of the best in class for 2019. The Patriots are the sixth team in the entire NFL who else passes the ball when it is up on the scoreboard.

Tight Ends

Dawson Knox @ Kansas City Chiefs

Projection: 7.9 points

Dawson knox He remained an extraordinary player last week where he scored twice, plus he ran nearly 80% of routes once again demonstrating his talent for racking up yards after the catch. He has the opportunities within the red and intermediate zones of the field, where he has been one of the best in the league.

Dalton Schultz vs New York Giants

Projection: 9.8 points

He completely dominated the match past TE’s position. In something that had never happened in his entire career with the Cowboys, Dallas used only Dalton Schultz to receive and left Blake Jarwin solely to block. This is like finding gold in a time of crisis.



Projection: 8.8 points

Davis Mills is the worst QB in the entire NFL and that was shown when against the Bills he had four ridiculous interceptions and a fumble that slipped from his hand. With a QB like that, the Patriots are the number one defense to start.


Projection: 7 points

The Broncos defense continues to be at a high level and this week they face a Steelers QB who has had 8 plays worthy of turnovers throughout the season (PFF).


Jason Myers vs Los Angeles Rams

Projection: 9.4 points

Despite a difficult start, Jason Myers is a very talented kicker who can score field goals from almost any distance. In this game you can claim.

Evan McPherson vs Green Bay Packers

Projection: 9.2 points

A constant in this article, as he is one of my favorite kickers in Fantasy Football. 100% effectiveness in extra points and 83% in field goals. This week against the Packers there may be a high-point game where Evan McPherson will benefit.

These are the players to line up in Fantasy Football this week. In case of not including the players you wanted to see or have more questions, you can write to me at my twitter account, where I answer all the questions you have. Do not miss the Fantasy Squad Express on Twitch every Sunday at 10:30 am where we answer all your questions.