Who is Joe Burrow, from not wanting to be a quarterback to reaching the Super Bowl with Cincinnati Bengals

The quarterback shone in the 2021/22 NFL season and drew all eyes. However, he had to overcome several rejections to reach the top.

The Cincinnati Bengals They had to go through a difficult season NFL to be able to compete in the Super bowl. And it is that a large part for that to happen was thanks to his marshal Joe Burrow, that in the last time monopolized the eyes of all for its incredible numbers. However, to get to the top he had to pass different rejections and adversities, one of them his refusal to be a quarterback,

Since he was a child he showed his passion for American football. Born in Athensthe NFL it was a league that no kid in his town would miss out on. Every weekend he spent with friends, waiting expectantly for game time to arrive, dreaming of someday taking the place his idols had.

The sport was within him. his father, Jim, played as a defender and coached for more than 40 years. his two brothers Jamie and Dan were part of Nebraska. That is why, at an early age, he entered his first club, where a situation would occur that could have changed his career. “In my first practice, coach Sam Smathers asked me if I wanted to be a quarterback and I said no. However, he immediately told me that yes, he was unfortunately going to be the team’s quarterback, ” rRemember.

However, his time in the sport was not going to be easy. Despite the practice he was doing, rejection was not going to escape him. At the time of wanting to start taking firm steps in American football, the doors were closed to him. “I had only one offer coming out of my junior year of high school and it was from the team my dad coached (Ohio). I wanted to go to Nebraska, but they told me I wasn’t good enough. I dreamed of playing for the Cornhuskers and insisted years later, and again they didn’t accept me.”he claimed.

Today, Burrow understands that everything has a reason, and his story shows it. The rejection strengthened him, and after that he did not enter another university where not only won the local championship, but also the Heisman Trophy, the award given to the best university player. That positive step allowed him to take the big leap and reach Cincinnati Bengals in the 2020 Draft.

Joe Burrow

After a first season where played 16 games in the regular season, a new adversity crosses his path: torn ligaments in his knee. Although few had expectations that he could return for the tournament, the intense rehabilitation carried out allowed him to get back on his feet sooner than expected.

Life taught him to overcome obstacles and help them strengthen him. That’s why, in his first full season, Joe Burrow led the team to the final of the Playoffs: the Super Bowl. Today he shines as the team’s quarterback, and afterTom Brady’s retirement Many they bet on him as his great replacement. And it is that with 25 years he fulfilled the dream that that six-year-old Joe had when he watched the games on a small television with his teammates.

Joe Burrow

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Who is Joe Burrow, from not wanting to be a quarterback to reaching the Super Bowl with Cincinnati Bengals