Which teams are already qualified for the 2021 NFL playoffs?

The 2021 NFL regular season is about to end and six teams already have their safe place in the playoffs, either as wild cards or as the best franchise in their conference. Eight spots remain and more of those teams are looking for a spot.

Two weeks left to define which teams will rest in the first week of the playoffsThat is, the best teams by conference and who will be the 12 teams that will be in the wild-card round, but the road is not easy in the NFL.

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In the National conference it is the most competitive and it is that of the seven places it awards, five of them are already occupied. Packers, Cowboys, Rams, Buccaneers and Cardinals are the teams that have already secured playoffs. Green Bay, at the moment rests in the first week for being the best team.

The playoff landscape is a bit more open in the AFC, because only Chiefs has insurance on your ticket to postseason NFL. Titans and Bengals can seal their qualification in week 17, but to do so, they must win yes or yes.

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Teams qualified for the 2021 NFL playoffs

American Conference

  1. Chiefs (11-4): It is the first in the conference to ensure the NFL playoffs. With a record of 11 wins and four losses, he ranks as one of the candidates to reach the Super Bowl. It could lose the first place in the conference if the Titans wins both games and Kansas loses both, in the event of a tie in wins, the Chiefs would have an advantage over Tennessee.
  2. Titans (10-5): A victory would ensure that he was a divisional leader. and have a chance to make the NFL playoffs in the hope that Derrick Henry will recover in time. Only the Colts could catch up and even beat him in their division, but with his record of 10 wins and five losses, he could at least be a wild card.
  3. Bengals (9-6): You have your future in your hands, a win would make him a division leader no matter what happens to his other rivals. The Ravens are his closest pursuer, so he has an advantage over Baltimore.
  4. Bills (9-6)Josh Allen has a chance to be the division leader if he maintains victories and has an advantage over the Patriots in division victories. With the future in your hands, you only have to win your two remaining matches And in the event of a New England disaster, it would make things easier for him.
  5. Colts (9-6): Jonathan Taylor is the best running back in the NFL and because of that, the Colts dream of NFL playoffs. It is one of the most stunned teams and is waiting for the Titans to fall to tie them in record and in one of those, until they pass them to be division leaders.
  6. Patriots (9-6): Mac Jones’ debut season wants to end with his Patriots returning to the NFL playoffs and that is, for many weeks he was divisional leader, but it is deflating in the most important part of the season.
  7. Dolphins (8-7): Nobody is luckier than the Dolphins, although it must also be said that they have carved out their success. NNo team in NFL history has a seven-game win and seven-loss streak, only Miami. The point is that at the end of the season, they are finding the victories.
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Teams seeking an AL postseason spot

  • Chargers (8-7)
  • Raiders (8-7)
  • Ravens (8-7)
  • Steelers (7-7-1)
  • Browns (7-8)
  • Broncos (7-8)

Those classified at the time of the National Conference

  1. Packers (12-3): There is no better team in the NFL than Green Bay. They have shown absolute mastery and with Aaron Rodgers in command, it seems that no one will take away the possibility of resting in the first week of the NFL playoffs.
  2. Cowboys (11-4): To the surprise of many, Cowboys could fight to be the best team in the National conference and in one of those, the NFL. It is already insured in the playoffsYou just have to finish the season with the goal of beating the Packers.
  3. Rams (11-4): In their division, they spent a lot of time under the Cardinals, but with a season finale worthy of the NFL playoffsThey’ve already surpassed them and secured their postseason spot. They can also beat Packers, that’s the goal.
  4. Bucaneers (11-4): Tom Brady wants to make Tampa Bay celebrate another Super Bowl, he already has his place in the NFL playoffs and waters with the GOAT because surely no one will want to see him in this type of match, either away or home.
  5. Cardinals (10-5): At the beginning of the season it seemed that no one could stop him, but the losses of JJ Watt and DeAndre Hopkins throughout the campaign have affected him too much and they have lowered their performance, fortunately they have already secured their place in the NFL playoffs.
  6. 49ers (8-7): One of the teams that could achieve their classification if they achieve a victory in week 17 and have enough weapons to achieve it. Deebo Samuel is his perfect weapon to damage defenses and he’s having a near-perfect season.
  7. Eagles (8-7): In one of the loosest divisions in the NFL, the Eagles have overcome all kinds of things to be in a close NFL playoff spot. Jalen Hurts has commanded the team well to keep dreaming.
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National conference teams that still have playoff chances

  • Vikings (7-8)
  • Falcons (7-8)
  • Saints (7-8)
  • Washington (6-9)

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Which teams are already qualified for the 2021 NFL playoffs?