Which 0-2 teams have no hope anymore? – NFL season 2021

The start of the 2021 NFL Season has been full of surprises, and to date it has left us with seven teams that have yet to savor their first victory. However, having two losses in two weeks does not doom you instantly to failure at times. Therefore, in this article we tell you which of the teams with a 0-2 record will be able to turn the scene around, but also which ones are doomed to failure from this very moment.

Atlanta Falcons

Disaster. That’s the word to describe Falcons who have bad to terrible defense. Also, on the other side, both emotionally and talented, Matt Ryan gives the impression of being finished. He has looked so bad in the first two weeks that one could swear he is on the brink of retirement. Is it time to see Josh Rosen? Finally, the only short-term hopes are Calvin Ridley and Kyle Pitts, but even they can’t change Atlanta’s fate for this season: finish with a Top 3 pick for the 2022 NFL Draft.

Detroit Lions

The Lions seem to bring nothing: no head coach, no defense, no offense. Let’s face it, Jared Goff is only in passing on this team. He’s a good “bridge quarterback” as they get a new face for the franchise. Added to that, the injuries to two of his cornerbacks, Ifeatu Melifonwu and Jeff Okudah, only make matters worse. So it’s safe to say that Detroit is a clear contender… for the first overall pick in next year’s draft.

Indianapolis Colts

The Colts issue is complicated. The HC Frank Reich is leaving a lot to be desired this year with the play calling, and Carson Wentz’s gamble has so far not paid off; its fragility is imminent. Therefore, 2021 will be difficult, especially because of the brutal schedule they face, which is not at all hopeful and leaves them minimal chances of entering the postseason. In addition, the defense has looked very bad, and there is no excuse for Indianapolis. But in conclusion, they are suitors because their brand new quarterback bet has not turned out as expected.

LG Quenton Nelson, Indianapolis Colts

Jacksonville Jaguars

Those run by Urban Meyer have looked terrible in two weeks. The offensive management of this team is very bad, and the defense, especially against the pass, has looked terrible. But when will things change? In 1 year? It looks difficult. Trevor Lawrence, who has 5 INTs in 2 games, will clearly improve, but not now. The Jaguars are doomed to fail this year and their only way not to end up at the bottom of AFC South is for the Texans to implode, as winning even more than 5 games in 2021 would be a feat.

Minnesota Vikings

Who is Minnesota trying to stop? With this defense they can say goodbye to their hopes of the Playoffs, it will even be just that defense that may end up costing HC Mike Zimmer his place. In just two games they have allowed 822 yards and 57 total points, being the sixth worst in the league in that category, and the next two weeks they face more attacks for real: Seattle and Cleveland. In addition, his calendar, where there are still teams like the Cowboys, Ravens, Chargers, Packers and 49ers, does not do any kind of favor to some Vikings who must say goodbye to any hope this 2021.

New York Giants

This team looked better than many expected on last Thursday Night Football, however the narrative was more of the same: They couldn’t even beat Washington’s backup quarterback. His Week 3 game against the Falcons will help to find out more about what Daniel Jones and company are really made of, but at first glance, in an NFC East that is no longer as mediocre as it was in 2020, the Giants seem to have lagged behind the rest of its divisional rivals.

New York Jets

After this team’s performance in Week 2 against the Patriots, it’s safe to say that any hope of a winning season should be abandoned; they’re not going anywhere and won’t be coming out of the AFC East fund this season. However, this is a process, so no one should lose the floor: in later years they will improve, but this 2021 it must already be thrown overboard. Also, the Jets must first see to it that Zach Wilson throws more touchdowns – or at least completions – than interceptions.

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For you, which teams can turn their season around and which are doomed to fail? Will any of those mentioned make it into the postseason? We read you in the comments under this article and on our social networks.

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