Where and when will the 2023 Super Bowl (LVII) be played?

The 2021 season is officially over and it left us with many things that we will never forget. The Rams were champions, Tom Brady retired and Aaron Rodgers was MVP, but the only thing on our minds is: Where is the next Super Bowl LVII? The answer is simple…Arizona.

Let’s remember something to clear things up a bit. The Super Bowl is played in a specific year, for example, the Super Bowl LVI that the Rams won was played in 2022, but it corresponds to the 2021 season and in the same way with Super Bowl LVII that will take place in Arizona. It will be played in 2023, only it will be the end of the 2022 season.

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Yes, we know it is a mess, but it should be clarified. Having said this, Arizona will host the biggest game in the NFL in the 2022 season and knowing where it is played, now we will tell you to prepare everything because it will be on February 12, 2023.

State Farm Stadium will be the site of Super Bowl LVII and this stadium will have the opportunity to host the game of games for the fourth time. The last one he had was in 2015, Super Bowl XLIV, where Tom Brady and the Pats beat the Seahawks.

There is still no more information about the event, it is not known what the halftime show will be for the game or who will be the teams that will play the game. Super Bowl LVIIfor that they have to follow the 2022 season and here at Sopitas.com, we will have full coverage with the best information.

Arizona host of Super Bowl LVII

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Super Bowl LVII in Arizona

For Super Bowl LVII, the NFL began a new site selection process for the game. In previous editions and until Super Bowl LVI in Los Angeles, California; The selection process was as follows: Interested cities submitted bids for hosting rights to the Super Bowl, and the NFL decided.

In other words, for Super Bowl LVII, another election method was implemented: The NFL unilaterally chooses a single hosting site for each Super Bowl and bids are no longer allowed. Once the city is chosen, it makes a proposal in which each and every one of the owners of the league vote.

Vince Lombardi Trophy for the winner of the Super Bowl

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Arizona It is the first chosen under this process and was unanimously approved since 2018. It is worth mentioning that the fact that a venue has been chosen will not be played by force in that city. For Super Bowl LVIII, New Orleans was chosen to host the game, but recently, Las Vegas looked for the 2024 Super Bowl and got it -HERE we tell you the story-.

If you’re a big fan of the NFL and want to go to the Super Bowl, whether it’s in Arizona in 2023 or 2024 in Las Vegasall you have to do is save a few pesos and be on the lookout when the tickets go on sale, because at Sopitas we already take care of telling you where and when they will be.

This is what Allegiant Stadium looks like

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Where and when will the 2023 Super Bowl (LVII) be played?