What was the best-selling jersey for each state in the US in the 2021 NFL season?

The 2021 NFL season is gone and it left us with great things that we will not forget like the Bengals and their future with Burrow and Chase, the retirement of Tom Brady, Cooper Kupp being the best receiver in the league, just to mention a few. Speaking of players, what will be the best-selling jersey in each US state?

We know that not everyone is a prophet in their land, so it doesn’t necessarily have to be a Giants player, the best-selling player in New York, to cite an example. What’s more, there are states like California, Ohio and Florida -to name a few-, that have two or more teams.

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Another factor to consider is that there are states in the United States that do not have an NFL team and jersey sales will be based on the popularity of players close to that state or if the player is one of the most prominent in the NFL.

In accordance with lidsa company that sells jerseys in the United States, a study was carried out in which they mention that playing sold more jerseys per state in the neighboring country and which team sold the most in each state of the American union.

As expected, Tom Brady was the winner of the player who sold the most jerseys in the 2021 season. His jersey sold more than that of any other player in 18 of the 50 US states. Only two defensive players made this list, TJ Watt and Von Miller.in the respective states in which they played -Colorado and Pennsylvania-.

von Miller's jersey with the Broncos

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Tom Brady the best selling Jersey in 18 states of 🇺🇸

Next, we will list the NFL’s best-selling jersey in each state of the country of the stars and stripes:

  • Washington–DK Metcaf, Seahawks wide receiver
  • Oregon – Seahawks QB Russell Wilson
  • California – George Kittle, 49ers tight end
  • Nevada – Josh Jacobs, Raiders running back
  • Idaho – Tom Brady, Buccaneers QB
  • Utah – Buccaneers QB Tom Brady
  • Arizona – Kyler Murray, Cardinals QB
  • Alaska – Tom Brady, Buccaneers QB
  • Hawaii – Tom Brady, Buccaneers QB
  • Montana – Kyle Pitts, Falcons tight end
  • Wyoming – Tom Brady, Buccaneers QB
  • Colorado – Von Miller, linebacker first for the Broncos and then for the Rams
  • New Mexico – Ezequiel Elliott, running back for Cowboys
  • Texas – Cowboys QB Dak Prescott
  • Oklahoma – Kyler Murray, Cardinals QB
  • Kansas – Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes
  • Nebraska – Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes
  • North Dakota – Tom Brady, Buccaneers QB
  • South Dakota – Tom Brady, Buccaneers QB
  • Minnesota – Adam Thielen, Vikings wide receiver
  • Iowa – Buccaneers QB Tom Brady
  • Missouri – Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes
  • Arkansas – Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes
  • Louisiana – Alvin Kamara, Saints running back
  • Mississippi – Dak Prescott, Cowboys QB
  • Illinois – Bears QB Justin Fields
  • Wisconsin – Justin Fields, Bears QB
  • Michigan – Tom Brady, Buccaneers QB
  • Indiana – Tom Brady, Buccaneers QB
  • Tennessee – Derrick Henry, Titans running back
  • Kentucky – Joe Burrow, Bengals QB
  • Alabama – Tom Brady, Buccaneers QB
  • Florida – Tom Brady, Buccaneers QB
  • Georgia – Kyle Pitts, Falcons tight end
  • Ohio – Joe Burrow, Bengals QB
  • North Carolina – Christian McCaffrey, Panthers running back
  • South Carolina – Dak Prescott, Cowboys QB
  • Virginia – Ravens QB Lamar Jackson
  • Pennsylvania – Steelers defensive back TJ Watt
  • New York – Josh Allen, Bills QB
  • Maine – Ravens QB Lamar Jackson
  • New Hampshire – Buccaneers QB Tom Brady
  • Vermont – Mac Jones, Patriots QB
  • Massachusetts – Patriots QB Mac Jones
  • Rhode Island – Buccaneers QB Tom Brady
  • Connecticut – Tom Brady, Buccaneers QB
  • New Jersey – Tom Brady, Buccaneers QB
  • Delaware – Tom Brady, Buccaneers QB
  • Maryland – Ravens QB Lamar Jackson
  • West Virginia – Tom Brady, Buccaneers QB
Best-selling NFL jerseys in the 2021 season

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We have already seen players: which team sold the most jerseys by state?

  • Washington–Seahawks
  • Oregon–Seahawks
  • California–49ers
  • Nevada–Raiders
  • Idaho–Buccaneers
  • Utah–Cowboys
  • Arizona–Cardinals
  • Alaska–Buccaneers
  • Hawaii–49ers
  • Montana–Broncos
  • Wyoming–Broncos
  • Colorado–Broncos
  • New Mexico–Cowboys
  • Texas–Cowboys
  • Oklahoma–Cowboys
  • Kansas–Chiefs
  • Nebraska–Chiefs
  • North Dakota–Buccaneers
  • South Dakota–Dolphins
  • Minnesota–Vikings
  • Iowa–Bears
  • Missouri–Chiefs
  • Arkansas–Cowboys
  • Louisiana–Saints
  • Mississippi–Cowboys
  • Illinois–Bears
  • Wisconsin–Packers
  • Michigan–Lions
  • Indiana–Buccaneers
  • Tennessee–Titans
  • Kentucky–Bengals
  • Alabama–Dolphins
  • Florida–Buccaneers
  • Georgia–Falcons
  • Ohio–Browns
  • North Carolina–Cowboys
  • South Carolina–Cowboys
  • Virginia–Ravens
  • Pennsylvania–Steelers
  • New York–Bills
  • Maine–Patriots
  • New Hampshire–Buccaneers
  • Vermont–Patriots
  • Massachusetts–Patriots
  • Rhode Island–Buccaneers
  • Connecticut–Patriots
  • New Jersey–Giants
  • Delaware–Steelers
  • Maryland–Ravens
  • West Virginia–Buccaneers

The Buccaneers and Cowboys are the most popular teams, reaching nine and eight states with the most sales, respectively. The panorama will change for the following season. Tom Brady will not be there and some players will gain popularity after the playoffs like Cooper Kupp or Joe Burrow.

Best-selling NFL jerseys in the 2021 season

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What was the best-selling jersey for each state in the US in the 2021 NFL season?