What merits do Aaron Rodgers and Jonathan Taylor have to be the NFL MVP?

The end of the season in the NFL is approaching and when we are all thinking about who will be the teams that reach the playoffs and which will be left out, there is another question that haunts the league: Who will be the MVP in 2021? There are two names, Aaron Rodgers and Jonathan Taylor.

Tom pelissero, one of the most recognized journalists of the grids, conducts a survey season after season, to give an overview of the MVP and some other awards that are given at the end of the regular season.

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After asking 23 high-ranking people on 23 NFL teams, including 10 general managers on this list, the answer was straightforward for name possible candidates for MVP of the 2021 season, as mentioned by Aaron Rodgers and Jonathan Taylor.

These two players have been at the peak of their performance throughout this season and that Aaron Rodgers missed some games due to COVID-19 issues and Jonathan Taylor has been one of the pleasant surprises of the NFL with the Colts.

Both with different positions, one is a consecrated QB who already has a Super Bowl ring and seeks to repeat the MVP appointment in consecutive years it’s from the season. Jonathan Taylor gets dirtier on the grid, he’s a running back with elite numbers in this 2021 in the NFL.

Aaron Rodgers Named 2020-21 NFL Season MVP

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What are the merits of each to be the MVP of the NFL season?

Aaron Rodgers

If we evaluate the performance as a team, the Packers are at the top of the National conference and are fighting for the first place of that conference heading into the playoffs. They currently have a record of 11 wins and three losses, they are without a doubt the best team of the entire season.

Now if we check his individual stats, the numbers are true MVP. He has 13 games in this 2021 season, in which he has achieved 3,487 yards by air for 30 touchdown passes and only four interceptions, for something Rodgers is the face of the Packers.

Aaron Rodgers celebrates Packers win against Cardinals

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Jonathan Taylor

We go with the same criteria for the Indianapolis corridor. The Colts are second in their division, only behind the Titans who fell without Derrick Henry, that’s when Jonathan Taylor and the Colts took advantage and lined up to be the best team in their division. At the moment they have 8 triumphs and 6 setbacks.

Individually, Jonathan Taylor’s season is a serious one to contest for NFL MVP and is that in 14 games he has 1,518 rushing yards for 17 touchdowns, but it is not the only category because he also receives and has 336 yards through the air and only two TD passes.

Jonathan Taylor candidate to be the MVP of the NFL

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What merits do Aaron Rodgers and Jonathan Taylor have to be the NFL MVP?