What is the salary cap in the NFL and why will it increase by 2022?

In the NFL there are many diehard fans who know all the rules, terms and everything related to the grills from top to bottom, peeeeeeero, there are also others who are interested in the subject and do not know at all many subjects, one of them is the salary cap.

The salary cap is one of the great unknowns for those who are not so involved in the world of NFLBut do not worry, here we are going to explain in detail everything that has to do with this issue of money, players and salaries.

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The salary cap issue has to do strictly with what teams pay to players and all teams have the same salary cap, but not all teams cover this money, which is good for franchises.

This salary cap is defined each season and is basically based on the income that the league has, in this case, the NFL. So if the league does well financially, teams will have to pay more, but they will be able to add better players to their teams.

Now, there are two important points to know and they are the famous ‘rolled over’ that refers to the teams that do not reach the limit of the salary cap and save it to take it to the other campaign. The other is the ‘dead money’, which is the money that the franchise owes to a player who was cut by the team, but whose payments continue for the next few seasons.

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For the 2022 season the NFL will increase the salary cap

We do not know if this is good or bad news for the NFL franchises because some of them will have to pay more money, but if that ensures that some players can stay with their teams displaying all the talent or bring others to improve the squad… sure is good news.

The NFL announced that for the 2022 season, the salary cap will increase, all of this, according to information from Tom Pelissero from NFL Network. Then, the salary cap would remain at 208.2 million dollars, almost 25.7 million more than the current season.

This increase was due to the COVID-19 pandemic, because before the pandemic the salary limit was 198.2 million dollars and had to be lowered for the 2021 season, due to virus losses at 182.5 million, the lowest amount, but thanks to this low wage, in 2022 the ceiling may rise considerably.

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What is the salary cap in the NFL and why will it increase by 2022?