What is the position of Mike McCarthy compared to the rest

The Dallas Cowboys in 2021 are seen as a major threat this year in the NFL. Apart from the team’s poor performance against Denver last week, the group has the necessary weapons in all aspects of the game to continue generating positive results.

This is not just thanks to a great locker room featuring Quarterback Dak Prescott. Who despite not seeing action against Minnesota, knew how to motivate his backup QB Cooper Rush to achieve victory. The credit also goes to the coaching staff. Especially his head coach Mike McCarthy.

Much can be criticized for McCarthy, who is now in his second year with the organization. Like for example, his bad handling of the clock. As it happened in the game of week 2 against the Chargers, where he claimed that the clock he was seeing disappeared from the screen and had communication failures.

However, something that can be given merit is that the coach knows the team he has and is not shy about being more aggressive in making decisions. In fourth-down situations, he’s managed to hit this stat five out of 14. And while the number of positive conversions is not even half that of failures, many welcome this approach. Especially from former coach Jason Garrett, who was a bit more conservative in his game and the opponents already knew in advance what the lone star team was going to do.

According to the first NFL Edj Sports simulation model, these place Mike McCarthy as the second best coach in the league right now. The only one above him is Brandon Staley of the Los Angeles Chargers.

These numbers are based on both offensive play calls as well as Edj’s power numbers. In the case of the first, McCarthy has seven points, while in the second five. As this is about numbers that are accumulating, Edj Sports waited a prudent time to be able to carry out their analyzes. Week 9 of the 2021 season marks practically the middle of the campaign, which seems very convenient since it must be remembered that this year there will be 17 games in the regular season.

As mentioned, McCarthy has been very aggressive when it comes to fourth-down calls. Based on Edj Sports opinion, his best decision was against Denver on fourth-and-one starting at the Broncos’ 38-yard line. However, the portal states that his worst call was the field goal in fourth and two against New England. In that situation, Greg Zuerlein missed a 51-yard attempt with the Patriots leading 21 to 20. With just under three minutes to go.

That particular game would have some bad calls that would thankfully end in Dallas’ 35-29 overtime win. But don’t forget that Trevon Diggs made an interception that ended in a defensive touchdown. Then Mac Jones will lead his team with a 75-yard touchdown pass to his teammate Kendrick Bourne with just 2:11 minutes to go.

Although there are some errors in certain specific aspects in the games, the positive of McCarthy has been able to overshadow the negative. He knows his team very well and is clearly a coach who makes risky and aggressive decisions. He is joined by coordinators Kellen Moore and Dan Quinn, who are doing a wonderful job. Nor should we forget John Fassel, who since last year has brought special teams to life in the franchise.

Now, what the head coach does have to avoid is a performance against the Falcons like the one he had against Denver. Clearly, Vic Fangio’s team knew how to control the cowgirl offense by advancing the lines and giving the cornerbacks greater freedom. Likewise, that the lone star team can convert a fourth chance if the situation requires it. Of the four calls McCarthy made against the Broncos to move forward, none had the expected result.

Likewise, it was noted that Tyron Smith was missing on the offensive line last week. Either way, he’ll have to get used to the idea since Smith won’t be against the Falcons either. He also won’t have Randy Gregory on the defensive end, who could be back in action by Week 13. This is something a coach like McCarthy should know how to handle because every team in the league has to deal with injuries. So you have to get the best out of the bench and keep looking for the positive results.

The Cowboys will have a tough test against the Falcons, who already have three wins in their last four outings. It remains to be seen if McCarthy comes out aggressive again as he has seen this year or will be a little more conservative in certain situations. What is clear is that his work has not gone unnoticed by many and has changed the mentality of the dressing room for the better, with a great winning attitude. Except that by any means, what happened in week 9 against Denver should not happen.

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What is the position of Mike McCarthy compared to the rest