What are the new NFL rules for the 2022-23 season?

There is a lot of expectation about what the 2022-23 NFL season will be, scheduled to start on September 8. Among the aspects to take into consideration for this campaign are changes in regulations.

First, and as far as the construction of the team roster is concerned, there will be a return to a roster of 53 players (69 counting the practice team), after in the last two seasons a concession was granted to extend this quota to root of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In addition to this, the league together with the NFL Players Association reached a new agreement regarding the management of each team’s injured reserve and only eight players will be allowed to receive this status with the aim of returning later. in the campaign. During 2021-22 there was no limit for this type of movement.

In the particular case of the playoffs, a rule change was announced in overtime, after what was the debacle of the Bufallo Bills last season when they fell without even having a chance to have a possession. Now both teams will have the ball at least once, similar to how it is done in the NCAA.

Although it was discussed that this modification to overtime could be implemented in a general way, at the moment it will only be applied in the postseason and this measure seeks to put aside the series of controversies of recent years.

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What are the new NFL rules for the 2022-23 season?