Week 8 predictions NFL 2021

Coach Enrique Zapata

What makes this sport interesting is the surprise. In the past week, the bets for one or the other were in conflict.

Therefore, it is difficult to consider one team superior to another. The settings and conditions of each played an important role in the outcome of each game.

Although, this is never written, the “panoramic photo” of week 8 I see it like this:

Packers (6-1-0) vs. Cardinals (7-0-0)

Cardinals by -6 points. It could be considered as one of the most interesting games of the week. The execution of both does not make one clear as a favorite. It could be the Cardinals’ versatility that is the key to beating the Packers and remaining the only undefeated, thus far. It is very risky to go for one in particular.

Panthers (3-4-0) vs. Falcons (3-3-0)

Falcons by -6 points. It will be time for Falcons to “take flight” and take advantage of what was achieved in the previous game. This is also a difficult game to predict as Panteras has shown potential to execute correctly, but has neglected other important aspects that Halcones can take advantage of.

Dolphins (1-6-0) vs. Bills (4-2-0)

Bills for +6 points. There are no great explanations for what can happen in this game. Delfines has not been able to convince due to his lack of forcefulness. Bills has been “stoned”, it seems a team convinced that it can participate in the postseason shows execution and avoids mistakes that harm it.

49’s (2-4-0) vs. Bears (3-4-0)

Bears by -6 points. While the 49ers’ defense is the strength of the team, offensive mistakes have hurt them tremendously. Bears will take advantage of the moment to provoke his rival and make the best of it, despite being in a similar situation of conditions since he has not exploited his potential to the full.

Steelers (3-3-0) vs. Cafes (4-3-0)

Steelers by -6 points. Steelers rest could have served to rethink the offensive system and defensive reinforcement. Cafés is a team that threatens, but it has been inconsistent in moments that should be taken advantage of and its offense will be threatened and pressured to provoke mistakes.

Aguilas (2-5-0) vs. Lions (0-7-0)

Eagles by +6 points. Both teams were defeated, but Águilas will arrive to take advantage of the lack of conjunction of Leones, who has talent that has not managed to understand each other to make their approaches work. The difference will lie in the execution and the use of circumstances.

Titans (5-2-0) vs. Colts (3-4-0)

Titans by -6 points. Titanes is a team that surprises and takes advantage of the time to add points to its scoreboard. Colts “did what he wanted” at 49, which gives him the confidence to face a highly dangerous and explosive team. That explosiveness may be the key to beating Colts.

Bengals (5-2-0) vs. Jets (1-5-0)

Bengals by +6 points. Jets do not pose a danger to Bengals, apparently. What the Bengals have achieved so far this season shows them as a very strong rival who will be able to overwhelm the Jets, who have not been able to find a way to improve their performance.

Rams (6-1-0) vs. Texans (1-6-0)

Rams for +6 points. The instability of Texans has put them at a disadvantage against many other teams. Carneros, for his part, has taken firm steps that make him a team with many possibilities of participating in the postseason because of the confidence with which he plays and how connected the team is.

Patriots (3-4-0) vs. Chargers (4-2-0)

Chargers by -6 points. Although Patriotas are recovering their confidence with the renewal of players in specific positions, they probably have not reached a level that allows them to easily overcome the Chargers, who have suffered some setbacks, but “on paper” they look like the possible winner.

Jaguars (1-5-0) vs. Seahawks (2-5-0)

Seahawks by -6 points.

Washington (2-5-0) vs. Broncos (3-4-0)

Broncos by -6 points. Broncos failed to score a win last week; however, he was a dangerous rival who will seek to overtake Washington this week. Washington has not yet reached the time to build trust, despite the talent that makes it up. This will be an entertaining game.

Buccaneers (6-1-0) vs. Santos (4-2-0)

Buccaneers by +6 points. Santos’ instability may be a factor that Bucaneros take advantage of to give them a hard time. Santos has not convinced this season of renewal and Bucaneros seems to be in shape and will seek to add another victory to take advantage of the benefits at the end of the season.

Cowboys (5-1-0) vs. Vikings (3-3-0)

Jeans for -6 points. The “new” Vaqueros team has pleased their huge fans with what they have shown so far. It works properly and can take advantage of the erratic performance of Vikings. This is the moment to continue adding victories for Cowboys and Vikings is not such a dangerous rival.

Giants (2-5-0) vs. Chiefs (3-4-0)

Bosses by +6 points. By giving Bosses the benefit of the doubt, you’ll likely be able to beat Giants in this game. The Chiefs condition is not the best at the moment in key positions, but the Giants seem to have more internal problems than the runner-up team. It would be a good time for rethinking.


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Week 8 predictions NFL 2021