Valverde’s revenge

Valverdes revenge

Fede Valverde played the last game of the America Cup on April 4 after falling on penalties against Colombia and say goodbye in the quarterfinals. On the 27th he joined training being of the internationals the one who has enjoyed the fewest vacations, 23 days. He joined with Courtois and Hazard, who had played two days before against Italy in the Eurocup. His companion of s


Luis Surez

, he joins tomorrow with Atltico also playing that match against Colombia. Valverde has returned with the firm intention of removing the thorn of the past campaign in which

injuries first and the covid partly stopped its great progression

. Although it has come to seat some of the untouchables in some phases of the season,

Kroos or Modric especially

-something that I only achieved too


in defense- the Uruguayan hopes that in this next campaign with


take the final leap. Yes


He has some doubts about whether he will have a leading role with the Italian coach, Valverde’s head is only winning the position

in a line where the tyranny in the spinal cord lasts for several years.

And it is that Valverde missed the last campaign until

19 games, five of them in the final stretch of the campaign due to the covid and the rest due to injury.

The most important was one in the adductor that made him miss six meetings between January and February. But already in November I already suffered

a fissure in the posterior tibial spine

of the right leg that forced him to miss another six games,

three in the League and another three in the Champions League

. When he picks up the pace with his return, the aforementioned injury of the month of January arrived. And the same thing happened to him in the final stretch of the season.

In April he tested positive for covid

and was low four league games and the decisive first leg against the


For the return, he was so fair that he got on the plane at the last minute and it was noticed that he was out of shape. It remains to be seen the role that Ancelotti has reserved for Valverde. The Italian wants to play with intensity and energy, according to his first words to take stock of the preseason, and

the Uruguayan always gives more rhythm to the white medullary

. Zidane used him as a fourth half on occasions, other times more attached to the band, and if the French left him more on the bench it was because the injuries did not allow him to show his best level, but he was one hundred percent untouchable. In fact, and despite signing an irregular campaign,

Madrid only lost one league game

with him in the field, against Valencia in Mestalla.

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