Two City cracks ‘pay the duck’

Two City cracks pay the duck

A signing like that of Jack Grealish, € 118 million (the most expensive in the history of England), and the attempt to get hold of Harry Kane it is not understood without some collateral effect. Bernardo Silva and Gabriel Jesus, affirms the Manchester Evening News they are the victims of summer citizen. The Portuguese midfielder and the Brazilian forward will be left without a minute with the double landing, if Kane arrives, and City hopes to place them in exchange for two juicy amounts.

But nevertheless, it will not be easy to find buyers with the economic situation in which COVID-19 has left many clubs. Bernardo, without going any further, has sounded for Atleti and Barcelona in the past, but with the Messi earthquake (which could even end in City) it seems difficult that now he is going to face any major operation. After buying, in the Etihad they need to use their best arts to sell.

As for Gabriel Jesus respects, his name came to appear when the ‘Kane case’ took its first blows. The Brazilian has not managed to fill the gap that little by little the Kun Agüero and the departure of the Argentine, instead of turning him into a starting striker, has made him switch to a method to pay for the arrival of another ‘9’ of guarantees. At the time, City tried to seduce Tottenham with Sterling and São Paulo, according to published ‘The Sun’, but the Spurs looked the other way.

Complicated lace

To sign, you only need to have the necessary economic muscle and, of course, comply with the ‘financial fair play’, but sales are another story. Thus, in the offices of the citizen group they must work to balance the accounts. Kane, if he ends up saying goodbye to Tottenham, he will not do it for less than, according to the English press, 150 million.

That leaves a negative balance of about 270 million, something that Bernardo and Gabriel Jesus could alleviate. As we say, it will not be easy to find buyers for the quantities that the Skyblue, but it is clear, always according to this information, that the first two summer victims in the blue zone of Manchester have names.