True or False: NFL Game Plan and Forecasts for Week 14

Welcome to the week 14 and to the final stretch of an NFL regular season that promises a closing with various emotions.

With the right mix of results, some playoff spots could be pushed aside starting this week, and even two division titles could have an owner; the NFC North would be the Minnesota Vikings if they beat the Detroit Lions and the AFC West will be for the seventh consecutive time the Kansas City Chiefs if they beat the Denver Broncos and later, the Los Angeles Chargers fall to the Miami Dolphins.

In addition to giving their forecasts, ESPN Deportes analysts take a look into the future to predict what the Playoff outlook will be in a few weeks.


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The game on Monday night, January 2, will be key in this matter and ironically, the rivals of that game, the Buffalo Bills and the Cincinnati Bengals, who beat the Chiefs, could determine in that duel that the AFC Playoffs go through by Kansas City. In addition, the Chiefs’ schedule looks easier than the Bills and Bengals, in fact, prior to Week 14, Kansas City has the third easiest remaining schedule in the NFL, while the Bills and Bengals, in addition to the duel between They have pending games against the Jets, Dolphins and Patriots in the case of Buffalo and against Tampa Bay, Patriots and Baltimore in the case of Cincinnati.

If we add to the above the loss for the rest of the season of Von Miller in Buffalo and that joe burrow With a 0-4 record against the Browns, the Bengals’ next opponent, the chances of the Chiefs finishing with the best record in the AFC increase.



Kansas City’s schedule is much simpler than Buffalo’s between now and the end of the season. The Chiefs technically don’t control their own destiny, but their toughest matchup may be on the final day against the Las Vegas Raiders. The Bills must, in addition to facing the Jets and Dolphins, visit the Bengals, who at this moment play better than any other team in the AFC.

The Chiefs will finish as the first seed in the AFC and the locality will be essential in the Playoffs.

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Everything indicates that the fight will be between Buffalo and Kansas City, but the Chiefs’ schedule is easier, on paper, than that of the Bills, who are under pressure from Miami and the Jets in the fight for the AFC title. East.

On the other hand, Kansas City has a more complete team on the offensive end, while the Bills, who have a great offensive explosion and a very difficult quarterback to stop like Josh Allen, they do not have the balance that the Chiefs have had at various times. Both have their problems on the defensive side, especially to stop the passing game, but success is based on the control of the game and the points they can score, so I think the Chiefs will take first place in the AFC.

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Kansas City’s schedule is much friendlier in the remainder of the season than that of the Bills, to whom they have momentarily ceded the top spot in the conference.

The Chiefs have only two games away from Arrowhead Stadium, one against the Broncos and another against the Texans and finish with two consecutive home games against the Seahawks and Denver and the last one on the road against the Raiders. Even Kansas City could clinch its division title this week.

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Kansas City has an accessible schedule after facing one of the toughest in recent NFL history. After losing in Week 13 to Cincinnati, the Chiefs remain tied for the best record in the AFC with the Bills, but four of their next five opponents combine for a .325 winning percentage: Broncos (3-9) twice , Texans (1-10-1), Seahawks (7-5) and Raiders (5-7).

It never hurts to remember that patrick mahomes he has been the winningest quarterback since he entered the NFL in the final two months of the regular season.

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Ironically, the option for the Kansas City Chiefs to finish with the best record in the AFC will depend on the team that has been their nightmare of late: the Cincinnati Bengals.

When comparing the calendars, the Chiefs have a less complicated closing compared to that of the Bills, who for the moment have the upper hand, but in three weeks, Buffalo will visit the Bengals, a duel that seems like the most complicated of what he has left in the season.

After a half of the calendar in which their collective performance dropped due to injuries and a bump in Josh Allen, I would bet that Buffalo will close by winning all their duels and, with this, they will maintain the number one seed in the AFC.

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In addition to being one of the teams that has raised its level the most in the second half of the calendar, the Washington Commanders have the advantage of resting in Week 14 and face a season finale fresher in which they will play three of their last four games. at home and his last trip is to San Francisco. In turn, the Giants have two games left against the Eagles and a visit to the Vikings and the Seahawks have home games against the 49ers and Jets and a visit to Kansas City.

The Commanders have the table set to win the last ticket to the NFC Playoffs.



Perhaps in the end they will both classify, but if I had to choose between one of these two teams, I would choose the Commanders. The Giants have yet to face the Eagles this year, and they must visit Minnesota. Washington’s schedule isn’t easy either, given that they have to face the 49ers and Cowboys. In other words, the duel between the two next week will be crucial. Washington will not only be home, but in my eyes they are the more complete team of the two.



The two have very similar and complicated schedules and everything could be resolved in the game they have against each other on Sunday night of Week 15, after the tie they had in Week 13. The game will be in Washington, so the local could weigh in favor of the Commanders.

The Commanders and Giants have reached their peak of play, perhaps Washington, with a more consistent defensive performance than the Giants, particularly due to the constant turnovers in recent weeks, which they have capitalized on with points, and for having a better pace. and more weapons on offense, enough to get into the Playoffs.



The Giants’ advantage at the moment is thanks to one less loss, but this week’s matchup against the Eagles will put them toe-to-toe with the Commanders, who have a Week 14 bye.

After that, the schedule is not very rosy with either, but I think the Commanders will win at home against the Giants to clinch the third seed in the NFC East and later, the berth to the postseason.



The Commanders have fate in their hands to knock out the Giants and reach the Postseason as a wild card. Chase Young is back and the team is playing better than ever on offense with a quarterback Taylor Heinecke who his teammates believe in.

Washington is playing at its best level of the year despite off-field problems. In turn, the Giants are plagued by injuries on the offensive line and that directly permeates the running game that has helped the quarterback so much. daniel jones. Of the five games remaining in the season for New York, four are against opponents fighting for a postseason spot, including two against the top-record teams in the NFC, the Eagles (11-1) and Vikings (10-2). ).



It would be true because for the last six weeks, the level of the Commanders has been rising. In that same span, the Giants seem to be deflating.

The first step will come Sunday of Week 15, when the injury-plagued G Men visit Washington to face the defense of the former Redskins (it still hurts to accept the name change), a matchup that will define the result in favor of coach Ron Rivera’s team.

Who is the key player coming back from injury for

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True or False: NFL Game Plan and Forecasts for Week 14