Trevor Lawrence is in his prime in the NFL. can dallas

With only a few days to go before the Cowboys face the Jaguars on the road, there are many details that the team has to take into account. Among them, analyze rival quarterback Trevor Lawrence. Who with his second year in the NFL, has looked much better this season representing the AFC South team.

In fact, he was named the AFC Offensive Player of Week 14 thanks to his strong performance over the weekend against the Titans. He finished with 30 of 42 completions for 368 yards and three passing touchdowns. Including a TD per carry that Lawrence himself would perform during the crash.

This is the second time that the quarterback has received the award this 2022. Since the first time would be in week 3 against the Chargers. In what would be the victory of his team by 38 to 10, adding on that occasion 262 yards and three more scores.

Without a doubt, Trevor has looked more determined now that he has had more time in the NFL. And this is something that Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy has clearly noticed. Although he knows that his rivals have a 5-8 record, they should not be taken for granted. Since they still have a chance to win first place in their division, with some Titans that already have three consecutive losses and are sinking.

“Obviously, I recognize the success that he had in college,” McCarthy told reporters at Thursday’s news conference. “But being a double threat for the type of athlete he is, a 6-foot-2 quarterback, I’ve always been intrigued by that. His ability to play from inside the bag and then out of it is exceptional. Young quarterbacks, when they go through coordinator changes, are often a much bigger challenge than people want to admit. What I’m trying to say is that you can really see him picking up the pace from him. Obviously, with Doug Pederson and a multi-concept offense, I think he’s definitely playing his best football. At least the last month of his professional career.”

Everything seems to have changed for the first pick in the 2021 Draft from week 8 onwards. After his 21-17 loss to Denver, he was the fifth in a row for his team and on that occasion the QB would have two interceptions. Since that October 30 in London he has not had another of these actions.

So Trevor’s job will continue to be a tough test for Dallas defensive backs. Especially the cornerbacks, who have lost two of their starting elements for the entire season between weeks 7 and 13 of the championship. First it would be Jourdan Lewis against the Lions, while Anthony Brown would be out with a torn Achilles tendon against the Colts.

According to Pro Football Focus, Trevor’s data is impressive from week 9 onwards. While it’s true that they’ve lost two games this stretch against the Chiefs and Lions, you can’t discount the numbers their quarterback has been putting up. He has totaled 1,362 passing yards, 10 touchdowns with no interceptions and a 71.8% completion percentage. Overall, the sophomore can be a pain in the ass for the cowboy defense at EverBank Field.

Either way, Dallas has four wins in a row, one of which was on the road against the Vikings. But before you think about the direct matchup against the Eagles on December 24, know that you have a high-level task against Jacksonville for Week 15. Lawrence’s production is not something to be taken lightly, so he will be a great challenge for the cowgirl defense. Where the pass rushing can be essential if they want to get a good result. We’ll see what happens, what has become clear is that it will be a high-level match without a doubt.

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Trevor Lawrence is in his prime in the NFL. can dallas