Trevon Diggs’ next contract could worry the Cowboys

Generally speaking about the Cowboys’ defensive production in 2021, it was much better than expected. Not just because of the great work of defensive coordinator Dan Quinn, who returns for the job in 2022. But all the guys who pitched in with him to do a great job that would eventually lead them to the postseason.

However, if there is an element that must be highlighted greatly, it is cornerback Trevon Diggs. In his second season as a professional he finished with a total of eleven interceptions and 21 passes defensed. In the case of the first stat, he would end up leading the entire NFL and match Everson Walls’ mark in the organization during his rookie campaign in 1981.

Now, the evolution of Diggs has been tremendous since its first season. You would already begin to see certain nuances of his production since November 1, 2020, when he had his first two interceptions against the Eagles on the road. He would then do it again against the same team on December 27 at AT & T Stadium. In total, he would stick with three interceptions despite how dismal the defensive production was in Mike McCarthy’s first season as head coach.

It is normal that for his third year in the Diggs Cowboys he is expected to maintain the same level of production or even exceed it. And while this all sounds great, you also have to understand that the front offices will have to do a lot of work to keep the defensive back in the organization. Especially because of the recent movements of players in the same position in the league who have ended up with millionaire contracts.

First up is cornerback Denzel Ward, who signed a five-year extension with the Cleveland Browns in mid-April. When it comes to his contract, it’s about $100.5 million, of which more than $71 million is guaranteed. And looking at his annual salary, we’re talking about $20.1 million.

Clearly, it is an extension where the player will greatly benefit. Only just a few days ago, news broke that the Packers had reached an extension with another specific cornerback. This is Jaire Alexander, who has just signed with the NFC North team for four years and a total of 84 million. Jaire’s contract will feature a $30 million signing bonus, with an annual salary of $21 million. Even though Ward’s contract is larger along with everything that’s guaranteed, Alexander’s already has the largest annual salary.

Thanks to these contracts, both Diggs and its representatives can use this as a basis for a future extension. Therefore, in the offices they have some options that they can do to retain the player. Or in the worst case, let it go.

The first of these options would be to prevent him from finishing his rookie contract. So possibly in his fourth year, like in the offseason, for example, something could be accomplished. Likewise, use the franchise tag for 2024. Which could keep the player for at least one more season. And a third way, which is the one to be avoided at all costs, is for the cornerback to become a free agent if his demands are not met in negotiations that same year.

Of course, the best thing the Cowboys could do with Diggs is to extend him into 2023. This way, they could prevent his price from rising further thanks to player experience. What is totally clear is that the lone star team will have to shell out a lot of money if they want to keep it. And that is where the great dilemma lies. If in the offices they will be willing to pay between 85 or more than 100 million for a defensive back.

Meanwhile, Diggs will be in his third year with the Cowboys and is expected to put up excellent numbers like in 2021. That is the goal, for the defense to remain strong and productive going forward.

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Trevon Diggs’ next contract could worry the Cowboys