Tottenham’s strong reaction with Kane

Tottenhams strong reaction with Kane

After Kane’s display of rebellion, by failing to show up at his incorporation to the team’s preseason this Monday (for the relevant COVID-19 test) to force his transfer to Manchester City, Tottenham has not been slow to react and has done so in a forceful way: they are going to fine their still star.

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As he Evening standard What The Sun echo this decision, a penalty that could be increased if Kane continues to be absent. Something that seems to be the case, since anticipates that This Tuesday he has not appeared in the team’s sports city either. In addition, they add that Spurs They are disappointed by the attitude of the player. The rebel, for his part, understands that he has a cause, that it is none other than the gentlemen’s agreement reached with Daniel Levy.

The ram insists that the top leader of the entity agreed to let him out this summer, something that Levy himself does not seem to share at the moment. At least, not in a simple way. The Daily Mail I was already publishing this Monday, as soon as the bomb exploded, that Tottenham would not accept offers of less than 170 million euros, something that endorses The Sun in your information.

“As for Harry, he has an agreement with the club that he can leave, now it is the turn of the men who handle the money to do their part.”, has confessed a source consulted by this last newspaper. However, in London they remain firm and, always according to the information handled by the aforementioned British press, they deny that such an agreement exists.

Hence, the fine, as we advanced, will increase as Kane continues to not appear. The decision has also surprised club members, who did not expect Harry to make such a drastic decision. In fact, Daniel Levy himself believed that this week they would meet to talk about the situation, so the absence has taken him by surprise.

Kane’s counterattack

Now, the question is when, if he does, Kane will return to the fold. An incognito that they clear in The Athletic: our protagonist will not return until they guarantee him that they will let him go. This is only part of the context provided by the medium, which also exposes the fine to which the player is exposed. Kane spoke to a non-English Manchester City player before Monday and confirmed that his wish was to join the Etihad, while some members of the citizen team were aware that he would not show up for the appointment with the Etihad. Spurs.

Tottenham’s position, we already said, is clear. 170 million euros or nothing, but The Athletic adds that the Skyblue they are not willing to go beyond 150. Something that, they understand, would not prevent the signing of Jack Grealish, even though it is encrypted close to 120 million. This succession of events has made the noble area of ​​the club furious and the words “Unnecessary”, “unprofessional” and “disrespectful” fly over the facilities of the Spurs. Kane, yes, has always been an exemplary professional, as they remember in The Athletic, but consider that without stretching the rope will not break. It seems that there are several chapters to write regarding the Premier’s summer soap opera.