Tottenham ‘reminds’ Madrid that they have a friendly pending the signing of Bale in 2013

Por second consecutive summer, Real Madrid will hold the preseason in Valdebebas. Circumstances oblige it and the absence of the big tours is a fact again. As of today, the summer calendar for the white team is not yet closed. Those, Tottenham has reminded the white leaders of one of the clauses of the transfer of Bale and that refers to a friendly match to play in London, agreed eight years ago.

Bale’s most sincere message: “I don’t care what people think of me.”

Gareth Bale must return in mid-July to the discipline of the Real Madrid, even if it doesn’t seem like it’s to stay. He has one year left on his contract and everything indicates that the exit door is still open. Of what there is no doubt is that with the gals or without it, the game will have to be played.

Regarding the friendly schedule of the white preseason, there is talk of a friendly tournament with Inter and Bayern, but nothing is final. Yes, in the last few weeks a message arrived from the Tottenham remembering the leaders of the Real Madrid that was still pending to dispute a friendly in London lands.

The game to be played is part of the agreement between the two entities for the transfer of Gareth Bale pending the agreement reached at the time of the signing of the gals by the white team. The idea that maintains Carlo Ancelotti and his work team is to dispute three matches in the month and ten days remaining for him LaLiga start.

Preseason low minimums

The preseason this summer is going to be atypical to the maximum. The internationals who attended the Eurocup They have all been on vacation since last weekend, but they will not join until the fourth week of July. Valverde It is also already out of the America Cup, not like that Casemiro, Militao and Vinicius. Also, do not forget the four Olympians (Asensio, Ceballos, Vallejo and Kubo), which hinders the preparatory work on the return of Ancelotti to the white bench.

The absence of tours, both in the United States and in Asian countries, is another of the sporting and economic obstacles that the big European clubs have been found on the Covid stage. Suppose a very important source of income and a way to start preseason work. Now everything has been subject to friendlies in European lands, with income far removed from what had already become habitual.

Sooner or later the aforementioned friendly will have to be played and the Real Madrid move to London and play a clash in the new White Heart Lane.