Top $ 7.25 Million Teams Who Can Sign Odell Beckham Jr


Odell Beckham Jr. will go through waivers in the NFL after being released by Cleveland Browns, but the franchise that takes him must have a salary space of at least $ 7.25 million.

Odell Beckham Jr.


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The news has already been made official and now it is a matter of time to know what your next home will be in the NFL 2021. Odell Beckham Jr. and the Cleveland browns They broke their relationship and the star receiver was cut, so he will go through waivers where he can be claimed this Tuesday.

The question and the difficulty of the issue is that the agreement between the team and the player consisted of removing the last two years that were left of the contract, so the franchise that claims it, he will only take it for the remainder of the season, and will have to pay him $ 7.25 million. There are nine teams with that cap space right now, but not all of them are real good options.

While six of them (Philadelphia Eagles, Jacksonville Jaguars, Denver Broncos, Carolina Panthers, Cincinnati Bengals and Washington FT) are not in “win now” mode, there are three others that may risk having it for a single year as long as that implies increasing the chances of reaching the Super Bowl 2022.

3. Pittsburgh Steelers: One last chance for Big Ben

The Steelers everything is at stake in what is probably the last season of Ben roethlisberger, so add to a star like OBJ it would do wonders in an offense which is what has slowed down the great defense of Pittsburgh to go to the top of the NFL.

2. Los Angeles Chargers: Justin Herbert would make it elite again

This is a win-win option for both parties. The Chargers would be some candidates with Beckham, and also, the receiver could see fate favorably by having a talented QB like Justin herbert, and in a city much more in keeping with its fame like LA.

1. Seattle Seahawks: Russell Wilson, the ideal partner

Seattle he’s in a weird moment, without his starting QB Russell wilson injured and awaiting his return, what better gift than a WR of OBJ’s caliber. While Geno Smith is in the commands, it also does not hurt to add it to a body of receivers that has DK Metcalf and Tyler lockett.

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Top $ 7.25 Million Teams Who Can Sign Odell Beckham Jr