Top 5 NFL moments of 2021

The NFL is for many the best sports league in the world. Despite all the problems that have arisen in the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the spectacle of professional football in the United States of North America has not disappointed us by giving us great and unforgettable moments in this 2021.

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Although the season will end until February 13, 2022 at the

Super Bowl LVI
, also these months of the regular season 2021-22 have had a unique, special different flavor.

Top five teams of the 2021 NFL Season

Here, we will make a recount of each of the moments that are, without a doubt, those that make us lovers of grills.

Trevon Lawrence was drafted as pick # 1

The sensation boy from the university of Clemson, Trevon Lawrence, was the player chosen by the Jacksonville Jaguars in the NFL’s number one pick for the 2021-22 season. The 16th quarterback, ex Heisman Trophy WinnerHe has shown his skills in the professional league and although he still has a long way to go, he promises great things for the future.

Return of the Patriots with Mac Jones

The young talent Mac Jones was also drafted this year by the New England Patriots. Clearly, the challenge for Jones went beyond throwing the ball; reaching the quarterback position on a team like the Pats are bigger words and more with the legacy he formed Tom brady in this institution.

The Patriots are for real, with Mac Jones showing a new face

Few were predicting the Boston team would make the playoffs this season, let alone winning the division title in the NL East. Despite all this, Bill Bellichick showed why he is one of the best Head Coaches in the history of this business, returning to NE to important places. Will it give them to get to a new Super Bowl?

Mac Jones

The return of Dak Prescott with the Dallas Cowboys

Without a doubt one of the most heartbreaking images that 2020 left us was the terrible injury suffered by Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott. Any football fan, whether or not they are a supporter of the ‘Lone Star Team’, suffered that moment when No. 4 came out on the assist cart in the game against the New York Giants.

Dak prescott

Tim Heitman / USA TODAY Sports

FILE PHOTO: Oct 11, 2020; Arlington, Texas, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott (4) leaves the field with an injury in the third quarter against the New York Giants at AT&T Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports / File Photo

This year’s season showed many doubts for Cowboys fans; Most of them, how would your quarterback get back to the field? Prescott has cleared everyone’s doubts and signed a dream season. 2022 could be the year the world’s most expensive sports franchise finally ends a Super Bowl drought.

Tom Brady, the legend who won a Super Bowl again

Who would have thought that leaving the Patriots to the Buccaneers Tom Brady would win a Super Bowl again? Who would have thought Tom Brady was going to win a Super Bowl in his first season with Tampa Bay? Who would have thought that there would ever be a quarterback who would win the Vince Lombardi trophy at age 43?

Tom Brady gets his seventh Super Bowl


Imagine clearing all those doubts and above, being named the Mvp of Super Sunday. Tom Brady is a legend who doesn’t have to prove anything to anyone. Simply the best of all time.


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Top 5 NFL moments of 2021