Tom Brady drives away ghosts while Burrow wants to succeed him

Hthere are certain athletes who cannot be doubted. One of them is Tom Brady. It’s no big deal ‘weird‘say that maybe 2021-22 lives with ups and downs in the NFL, as it has added disastrous actions (against Saints, for example) with other historical ones. But what is not in doubt is its worth. In week 15, he leaves new historical figures and opens the way for a new champion ring.

The Brady’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat, with almost no opposition, the Carolina Panthers. The 11th victory of the course and the certification of the divisional title. Since 2007 they did not celebrate the NFC South at Ray Jay from Tampa, which has arrived in the course in which they defend the title of champion of the past course. Of course, they are also rated for Playoffs.

Brady play his 46th postseason game. More than 22 franchises of the NFL, another of those extraterrestrial numbers that leaves the 12. Obviously, they should be considered as candidates for the ring, because although they have fallen before Washington, Rams and Saints (twice) have wickers to believe: from Brady in the direction, up to a full running game going through a defense in which the pressure to quarterback has always stood out.

Joe Burrow wants to be his successor

Brady He continues to run for the title, but there are also those who want to take the crown from him. Teams and players who dream of emulating the legend. The eternal doubt of the successor and the names they want to become ‘as tom‘. In the season, one of those who can firmly say that he may be a candidate to succeed him is Joe Burrow.

The number 1 of the Draft two years ago (in the past year he suffered a serious knee injury and practically did not play) is the great key to the success of his Bengals. In week 15 of the NFL has gone one step further and signed a historic party. 525 passing yards to rank among the best in history. Their numbers only equal or exceed Brady, Drew Brees and the Manning brothers, Eli and Payton.

The Bengals they slip, with 9-6, among the candidates to give the bell in post-season. A moment when Brady and its ‘Bucs‘they will be ready and will seek to continue sending the great message: while the 12 there is no worthy successor.


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Tom Brady drives away ghosts while Burrow wants to succeed him