To which team can Jimmy Garoppolo be traded and why are the San Francisco 49ers betting on Trey Lance as their starting quarterback?

As the approaching 2022 seasonthe San Francisco 49ers they still have to resolve the situation of a Jimmy Garoppolo with the open doors to leave the franchise in which he has held since 2017.

Recent years have made it clear that although Jimmy G is a helpful quarterback, he’s nowhere near justifying the value of his contract (27 million in the 2022 season) nor is he capable of leading the team to take the next step.

An example of this was their performance in the last Playoffs, where San Francisco reached the National Conference Championship despite their irregular production: 58% completions, 2 touchdowns, 3 interceptions and a rating of 72.7 in three postseason games. In his Playoff career, Garoppolo has thrown only 4 touchdown passes and 6 interceptions in 6 games. Very little.

That lack of production in a team that aspires to fight for the Super Bowl It ends up being too expensive (like his salary) and it was only fitting that in the final year of his contract, the 49ers would look to trade their driver of offense. And in the last hours, the last confirmation that was missing arrived: San Francisco has already given the OK to the quarterback’s agents to look for destinations for a transferas reported by Adam Schefter.

Trey Lance, Jimmy Garoppolo’s replacement

With Garoppolo walking towards the exit, there is no longer any doubt that The Niners’ QB1 in 2022 will be Trey Lance. The quarterback, selected with the third pick in the 2021 Draft, already had some filming last season: 58% completion rate, 5 touchdowns, 2 interceptions and 97.3 ratingin addition to adding 168 yards on 38 carries.

Lance has a phenomenal physical and athletic profile, being a threat as a passer and as a runner. The most adventurous projections place it as a future josh allen… but he’ll have to prove it on the field, where he has played little, both at the NFL and NCAA levels.

The 49ers offense will look a lot different with Lance under center, who will open options that the team did not have with Garoppolo due to his ability with his legs and physical power. Although at the same time it remains to define what will happen to the main factor in the San Francisco attack, Deebo Samuelwho would have asked for a transfer and his future in the franchise is unclear.

In 2021, 23 of Lance’s 69 attempted passes went to Deebo (he only completed 10 of them).

To which team can Jimmy Garoppolo be traded?

There are several teams that appear on the radar as possible destinations for Jimmy G. The rumor of a possible arrival at the New York Giants has grown in these hours, even though New Yorkers would be convinced to give a new opportunity to Daniel Jones as the starting quarterback. Garoppolo would be a life policy… $27 million.

Another team linked to the ex-Patriots are the cleveland browns: they signed deshaun watson, but it is likely that the former Texans will end up being suspended by the NFL; they had Baker Mayfield but traded him to Carolina; and they have Jacoby Brissettewho is a solid backup QB, but not someone worthy of leading a team with playoff aspirations.

The other franchise that joins the line are the Seattle Seahawks. Probably the least talented team at the position in the entire NFL: after trading Russell Wilson to Denver, today their starting quarterback would be drew Lock. It has always been believed that Seattle would end up adding another quarterback and Garoppolo could be the one.

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To which team can Jimmy Garoppolo be traded and why are the San Francisco 49ers betting on Trey Lance as their starting quarterback?