To get the season out

The NFL is doing whatever it takes to end its season in February with the Super Bowl in Los Angeles.

It seems that we are living the same as last year in this pandemic, with this COVID-19, with everything and vaccines and reinforcements.

The NFL has been doing the adjustments required, because it is still a business and of course there will be teams that will be affected by how the postponed games are taking place. I remember last year how bad it was for Pittsburgh when he couldn’t play Titans; well now, this week Raiders leaves the game affected by Browns; Seattle leaves the game of los Rams.

Since Monday I had to do a “Monday Night Football “, in Arizona they had to activate six players from the practice team on the same day; Odell Beckham Jr. say he was coughing, not feeling well on Monday, but he played. On Tuesday he went on the list of COVID-19, but now Joe Noteboom and Robert Rochell can play Tuesday at Seattle.

Let’s not forget that National Football League It is a business, they are paid as for the “Monday Night Football” more than $ 230 million every Monday, then the league had said that whoever doesn’t watch out for COVID-19 He is not going to be able to play and his team loses the game if they do not gather enough players for the squad, but I think that at some point was a message for those who did not want to be vaccinated; now, the league has changed the protocolsSuch is that if you are vaccinated, they do not have to do tests every day, it is more about the one who is not vaccinated, but the reality is that, even if they do not make it public, there are players who even though they already have three vaccines, they tested positive.

So, you have to take care of yourself, I take a test every Friday to travel, to be safe and to be calm. This year, between the NFL and Mexican Selection, I have been more than 130 days away from home, either in San Diego or Mexico City.

But hey, this is going to keep changing; I get the impression that by Week 16 the issue of COVID-19, It is said that in New York there are 18 percent of people infected. Take care, I think the NFL in a way it is like a thermometer that shows what is happening. I always tell the people I love and close to me: “Get vaccinated, at least that gives you more peace of mind in a time when we continue to live in the pandemic.”

The NFL what you want is take out the season, did it last year and they will do everything possible so that this season nothing is postponed, there are no longer weeks of rest and They will do everything to end in February with the Super Bowl in Los Angeles.


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To get the season out