This we know about the agreement between the NFL and YouTube TV

  • Figures consulted to the NFL show the revenue capacity it generates from the sale of broadcast rights to its matches.

  • The study “Insights 2022 – Linear TV and streaming” gave an account of the amount of audience that in the world watches Youtube as TV.

  • The NFL Team Valuations placed the Dallas Cowboys as the most valuable franchise in the NFL.

-A possible agreement between the National Football League (NFL) and Youtube TV marks an interesting precedent in the media market, where the traditional model of sports coverage is sought to be scaled up, thanks to the fact that the broadcasting rights are no longer jealous of the medium that transmits them. The old rule of who pays, rules, becomes relevant.

In figures consulted to nflthe media reports on how the value of the transmission rights of the League has grown over time, which went from 420 million dollars in the period from 1983 to 1985, to 10 billion dollars for the period 2022 to 2033.

“The statistic shows the annual value of NFL television broadcast rights from 1983 to 2033. In 2021, the National Football League announced a new rights deal for the next few years from 2022 to 2033, which would generate revenue of media of more than 10 billion dollars each season”, concluded Christina Goughanalyst of Statista specialized in videogames and sports when presenting said study.

From traditional to streaming

An investigation titled “Insights 2022 – Linear TV and streaming” measured the increase registered in six of the seven companies studied and considered that while in the United States, the percentage of the audience that watches Youtube What TV it went from 36 to 42 percent, in markets like Norway this percentage registered an unexpected growth from 17 to 29 percent.

“In 2021, nearly four in 10 viewers in the United States consider watching content on YouTube to be watching content on TV. This represents an increase from the previous year, when 36 percent of US video audiences compared the popular social video platform to more mainstream TV content. In 2020, about one in 10 respondents from Denmark considered watching YouTube as watching TV, while in 2021 that number doubled to 21 percent of the country’s audience.” L. Ceci, analyst at Statista when presenting this study.

The equivalence of streaming a TV makes this bet an interesting measure that reminds us of how important the consumption of content through the Internet has become, for this reason it is interesting to know about the negotiation that is carried out between YouTube TV and the nflso that the platform acquires the transmission package of the Sunday Ticketwhere the regional games that are held on Sunday afternoons in the United States are broadcast.

So far it is known that the negotiation for Google keeps said rights, which does not include participation in what is transmitted in nfl media, would be carried out with a price of between two thousand and three billion dollars, to earn more than the thousand 500 million dollars that DirecTV has paid for those rights since 2015.

The agreement between Google and the nflto bring regional parties to YouTube TV led us to discover the role played by streaming more and more like a television and hence the bet that the platform, which also owns the most famous search engine in the world, is acquiring content that normalizes this phenomenon, just as it did at the time Netflix, announcing that entered the segment of live broadcasts, with a comedy special starring Chris Rock.

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This we know about the agreement between the NFL and YouTube TV