This is the worst Tom Brady ever, time to accept the inevitable?

In a campaign where buccaneers they have done nothing more than sow doubts as a result of their inconsistency, a new defeat, now against the Bengals, puts them as a media center because the team literally collapsed. In a duel that Tampa Bay led 0-17, they allowed 34 unanswered points by Cincinnati and ended up losing 34-23, taking their eighth loss of the year. Without a doubt, the QB Tom Brady and those around him are the main villains of the crash.

Is this the worst Tom Brady ever?

It must be clarified that this afternoon has arguments in favor of Tom Brady: it was the first time in six weeks that he surpassed the barrier of 300+ passing yards and the first time in the whole year that he throws three touchdowns. However, the balance tilts towards the painful category. Brady finished with 2 INTs and two lost fumbles, and all four turnovers came on back-to-back drives, which is the second time in his career, the first being in Week 7 against Denver in the far. 2001.

As if that weren’t enough, including the playoffs, Brady entered Week 15 with an 89-0 record in home games where he led by 17+ points. The above speaks of the low level that the seven-time champion is showing at this point in his 23-year career. The incredible thing is that this marks the first time he has lost eight games in a single season and now he must win the rest if he is to avoid the first losing season in his professional history.

Undoubtedly, there are many firsts that Brady is facing this year, and those who are paying the piper are the Buccaneers, who with a 6-8 mark, although they continue to lead the weak NFC South, will have to take care in the remaining three weeks of championship, since the Panthers, Saints and Falcons, all have a 5-9 record and intend to steal the division title from Tampa Bay, who, honestly, even if they qualify for the postseason, their stay will not last long at this rate.

The playoff outlook heading into Week 16 of the National Conference is clear: unless miracles happen, the winner of the NFC South will host Cowboys in the Wild Card Round who, although they have also sown doubts in recent weeks, they look better than anyone in this division. So Brady requires two things: first to lock down the Buccaneers’ postseason stay, and then to put off his finally near-sung retirement for as long as possible.

Time to accept the inevitable. Next stop: the retreat

It is Brady and therefore everything is speculation, but a narrative that called for his retirement was not presented in a long time. It is no longer just about the time factor that nobody escapes, because in the previous offseason he showed that You can leave now and at 40 days decide otherwise, but this time everything is in favor of his final goodbye. First, he’s a free agent next March: will the Buccaneers or any other team want a then-46-year-old quarterback on their roster?

In addition to this, Brady already has a future as a sports analyst waiting for him at Fox Sports, with whom he signed the previous May under a 540 million dollar contract. Without a doubt, at this age, perhaps his mind will value staying attached to football and his body will appreciate not taking unnecessary risks on the field. Because that’s the word: unnecessary. Brady has already shown on countless occasions to be the best to have played football, he does not need to continue giving his soul in each down.

Finally, this time he has no one to support him on the pitch. These Buccaneers have made it clear on a weekly basis that they are the worst version of themselves in recent years and Brady no longer has the arguments to put an entire team on his shoulders. Tampa Bay got what they asked for from him: a super bowlbut it is time for both of them to part ways after a fruitful foray of three seasons together.

What future holds for the Buccaneers?

The safest thing to do would be to try to bring Brady back once he tests the open market in March, but that would only put off an inevitable breakout. So what other options do they have? They momentarily have the veteran Blaine Gabbert as a backup at the position, but in his 12 years in the NFL he has never shown himself to be more than that: an emergency wingman. However, perhaps they could bet on the youth of QB3 Kyle Trasksecond round pick in the 2021 Draft.

The reality is that the 24-year-old Trask, out of Florida, has to pass the offensive checks sooner or later, and the sooner that happens, the more time left over in Tampa Bay they will have to act if youth turns out not to be the answer. Sure, more options will always come in free agency, and next year’s big shot is QB Lamar Jackson, and while it’s too early to speculate, this organization should already start counting its future backup plans.

Can the Buccaneers hold on to the NFC South lead? Are these the last days of Tom Brady in the NFL? We read you in the comments below this article and on our social networks.

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This is the worst Tom Brady ever, time to accept the inevitable?