This is the ideal team for Football Fantasy 2021

The NFL you live differently for lovers of Football Fantasy, Well, having the opportunity to be the ‘heah coach’ of your own team gives a special touch to everyone and each of the meetings week by week.

We all become analysts, we seek to recruit the best elements and we always take into account a series of factors to choose them, seeking to create the dream team that leads us to win the champion trophy. of the league that we form between friends and even with strangers.

At the end of the day, the players are human beings, they have good days, others not so much; there are also injuries and, today, the COVID-19 continues to be a factor throughout the campaign.

In fact, this season in the NFL It has been atypical, but that has resulted in a very close fight in search of the playoffs … of course this has been reflected in the Football Fantasy and the performance of the juadores, that’s why we bring you to the elements that could make up the ideal team after a fierce campaign.

In the quarterback position the number one is Josh Allen, of the Bills, who this season, despite falling into some potholes, to date has 357.82 total points after 16 weeks of action in the NFL. He has 4 thousand 48 yards through the air with 34 touch downs and 12 intercaptions; He has also run 619 yards with three trips to the end zone, 3 fumbles and a couple of conversions. They follow him Justin Herbert of the Chargers with an amazing 335.66 points (4394 Pass Yds, 33 Pass TD, 14 Pass Int, 299 Rush Yds, 3 Rush TD, 1 Fum Lost, 5 2PT) and Tom Brady of the Buccaneers with 323.30 points (4580 Pass Yds, 37 Pass TD, 11 Pass Int, 81 Rush Yds, 2 Rush TD, 3 Fum Lost).

The most prominent runners are Jonathan Taylor of the Colts who adds 306.20 points in the campaign (1626 Rush Yds, 17 Rush TD, 336 Rec Yds, 2 Rec TD, 2 Fum Lost); in addition to the Bengali Joe Mixon with his 237.30 points (1159 Rush Yds, 13 Rush TD, 274 Rec Yds, 3 Rec TD, 1 Fum Lost) and the ‘bolt’ Austin Ekeler with 232.70 points (789 Rush Yds, 10 Rush TD, 558 Rec Yds, 7 Rec TD, 3 Fum Lost, 1 2PT).

Among wide receivers he leads Cooper Kupp of the Rams, with 259.40 points (1734 Rec Yds, 14 Rec TD, 1 2PT), followed by Deebo Samuel, of the 49ers, with 222.80 points (301 Rush Yds, 7 Rush TD, 1247 Rec Yds, 5 Rec TD, 2 Fum Lost) and the Viking Justin Jefferson with 199.50 points (35 Pass Yds, 10 Rush Yds, 1451 Rec Yds, 9 Rec TD, 1 Fum Lost).

Mark Andrews, leads with his 176.70 points to the tight ends thanks to his 9 touchdown receptions, as well as another two in conversions for a total of 1,187 receiving yards. The element of Ravens is ahead of Travis Kelce (4 Rush Yds, 1 Rush TD, 1066 Rec Yds, 7 Rec TD, 1 Fum Lost) who adds 153 points and George Kittle, with his 122.50, of the Niners (14 Rush Yds, 871 Rec Yds , 6 Rec TD, 1 Fum Lost).

Nick Folk of the Patriots he is the best kicker of the season with 146 points (34 PAT Made, 9 FG 20-29, 11 FG 30-39, 9 FG 40-49, 5 FG 50+); behind him are Matt Gay (43 PAT Made, 6 FG 20-29, 15 FG 30-39, 6 FG 40-49, 4 FG 50+) of the Bucs with 144 points and Bengali Evan McPherson (42 PAT Made, 4 FG 20-29, 8 FG 30-39, 5 FG 40-49, 9 FG 50+) with 138 units.

The defensive with the highest generation of points are the Cowboys With their 171 units (37 Sack, 25 Int, 8 Fum Rec, 8 TD, 1 Return TD, 295 Pts Allow), they are followed by the Patriots (33 Sack, 20 Int, 7 Fum Rec, 3 TD, 248 Pts Allow) and its 145 points; as well as the Buccaneers (44 Sack, 16 Int, 10 Fum Rec, 2 TD, 300 Pts Allow) with 131 units.

The ideal team, with Allen as QB; Taylor, Mixon and Ekeler running, as well as Kupp and Sammuel as wide receivers alongside Andrews at tight end; completing the team with Folk kicking the extras and field goals, as well as the Cowboys defending … they give an annual sum of 2,109.72 points spread over 16 weeks of action so far, averaging 131.87 units per match.


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This is the ideal team for Football Fantasy 2021