They went crazy: Rams and Bengals star in pitched battle in training

25, August 2022 – 20:44

┃ Cristobal Morales

We are exactly two weeks from the 2022 NFL season start and it seems that many players are already with the spirit at the top of the activity, at least that’s how they showed it today Bengals and Ramswho decided to practice together with equipment on and everything ended in a pitched battle where Aaron Donald, MVP of the last Super Bowl was the protagonist.

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Remember that last February, these same teams faced each other in the match that defined the champion of the 2021 seasonso without a doubt, the Bengals had pending accounts with the Rams and it was like that, as at the slightest provocation, everything was unleashed.

Although the origin of the quarrel between the two campuses is still unknown, the reaction it had is striking Aaron Donald ripping off two Bengals players’ helmets and using them as ‘weapons’ to hit whoever crosses them and the worst does not end there, but both teams have to face each other this weekend in the third and last day of the preseason, so it is very likely that we will see many handkerchiefs during the match.

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Team practices often end in fights

It is not the first time that NFL teams have starred in a fight of this type in practices, let us remember how in past years, the Arizona Cardinals, the Tennessee Titans and the Houston Texans participated in pitches that ended in suspensions and fines by the league .

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They went crazy: Rams and Bengals star in pitched battle in training