They have QB’s a difficult year

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The injuries they have seriously handcuffed the quarterbacks in this campaign nfl.

More than a dozen starting quarterbacks have had to miss anywhere from one game to the rest of the season for various reasons. injuriesand this weekend the list swelled with the blows and news received by Jimmy Garoppolo, Lamar Jackson and Matthew Stafford.

Garoppolo broke his foot and the 49ers announced after the game against Miami that the quarterback would miss the rest of the season. San Francisco has a great defense but very bad luck, because in the first week they also lost Trey Lance by the ankle. He had to undergo surgery and will not play again in the campaign.

The Californians, who are in the NFC Top 5, are now looking for a replacement to face the Playoffs that are very close.

Meanwhile, Stafford, of the current champion Los Angeles Rams, has battled hard with a back injury and, yesterday, coach Sean McVay announced that the quarterback’s spinal injury could keep him out of the game. action this year.

Another one that does not bring the best of luck is the Ravens, as the versatile Lamar injured his knee this weekend.

Baltimore announced last night that the player did not have severe damage, so he will be evaluated day after day to see if he can return to the field this weekend or they will rest him for a week.

There are still five weeks left in the regular season and more than one team, many of them with enough money to play in the postseason, is praying that their quarterback does not suffer an injury or a relapse, as is the case of Tua Tagovailoa, who suffered a concussion a few weeks ago. couple of months and now he leads the Dolphins, but this weekend he sprained an ankle and the alarms went off.



Jimmy broke his left foot this weekend in the game against Miami. He dropped two players and then it was announced that he will be out for the rest of the season.


A spinal injury could leave out the quarterback of the last championship team nfl. He hasn’t played in recent games and the Rams coach said everything indicates he won’t play again this year.


The versatile Ravens quarterback suffered a knee injury in the first quarter of a game against the Broncos this weekend. It is expected that the magnitude of the injury will be defined to know if he will be able to return or not to play this season.


He was out for three games this season with a concussion. It was a chilling injury he suffered against the Bengals. He managed to recover and is active right now, so much so that he is one of the best in the League in various areas.


The injuries They hit him hard this season, and the one that ultimately ruled him out was a left knee tear. He underwent an MRI in November and it was determined that the best thing he could do was rest, due to the damage to the anterior cruciate ligament and medial collateral.


He missed several games this season due to a severe high ankle sprain. The upside was that he avoided surgery, he’s recovered and he’s already throwing passes for the Pats.


The Commanders player fractured a finger on his right hand last October. He played the first six games and is still out of circulation. He’s already pitching at the practice fields.


It was the bet of the 49ers for the season and at the start of it he suffered a painful ankle injury that put him in the operating room, which left him out for the rest of the season.


The quarterback’s hamstring injury hasn’t left him alone. He did not play for the same reason in the visit to Mexico. The Cardinals bye in Week 13 and he is expected to be back for the next game.


He suffered a spectacular ankle sprain in the preseason and it took him several weeks to return. He barely played again in Week 12 with the Panthers.


He missed the early games of the season with a meniscus injury, which he suffered in the preseason opener. He was the second overall pick in the 2021 Draft.


He missed a game with a hamstring injury sustained on a Monday Night. He returned to play, but the bad news for Denver is that he hasn’t shown star level all season.


The Cowboys leader suffered a broken thumb on his right hand early in the season. He is back playing and Dallas is fighting for the first places in the NFC.

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They have QB’s a difficult year