These are the favorite teams according to bookmakers for the 2022 NFL season

This September 8, 2022, the world will stop for a period of just over two hours. The reason, the start of the new NFL season with a real game between Rams and Bills.

The NFL is one of those incredible shows that leave everyone with their mouths open to those who are already fans and make fans of those who are not because of the emotion it has.

And with the new 2022 NFL season, all the fans are seeing the chances of their teams to be champions. Some franchises have many opportunities and others, well, they will do everything they can.

The bookmakers are on fire with all the money that has been and will be entered on the NFL and one of the most important is that of the favorite team to win the title in the Super Bowl.

Here we will review which are the favorite teams to win their conferences, to get to the Super Bowl and to lift the Vince Lombardi championshipall according to slinga bookmaker in the United States.

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The candidates for the NFL title according to the bets

We are going to throw it big from the beginning, because in the thing it is simple. The Buffalo Bills are the favorites to win the Super Bowl. and it is that they have a great team with Josh Allen.

Currently, the odds in Sling is +600 – if they want to bet on him and the Bills win, they make a fortune. Behind Buffalo is Tom Brady’s Buccaneers with a +750 in the bets of NFL.

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Interestingly, things in the betting have not changed much compared to last season, as the Buccaneers and the Bills were part of the favorites for the title in 2021, although they did not do so on the grid.

For the third seed for the 2022 NFL title, there is a double tie between the current champions, the Rams and the always competitive Chiefs by Patrick Mahomes. Both are in the betting at +1100.

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How are the other bets in the NFL?

In this 2022 NFL season, there are plenty of candidates, because it is a generation full of talent in most teams and there are other betting options here, although not at vince lombardi.

Joe Burrow and the Bengalswho were in the last Super Bowl, have a +1100 odds to repeat the conference title, that is, the ticket to Vince Lombardi’s game, but the odds of being champions are +2000.

And the Cowboys? One of the most winning teams, although not in recent years because they haven’t made it to the Super Bowl for a long time, but they have a good team, that’s why odds put them at +900 to win the conference title at +2000 to be NFL champions.

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And if you want to take Sling’s tips on NFL betting, here’s the table of betsin case you want to throw a few pesos.

The gridiron bets

Equipment Super Bowl Winner conference winner Division Winner
buffalo bills +600 +300 -230
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +750 +330 -280
Los Angeles Rams +1100 +500 +120
Kansas City Chiefs +1100 +600 +175
Green Bay Packers +1200 +500 -170
Los Angeles Chargers +1400 +800 +220
San Francisco 49ers +1600 +700 +160
Denver Broncos +1600 +900 +275
Baltimore Ravens +1800 +1000 +130
Dallas Cowboys +2000 +900 +135
Cincinnati Bengals +2000 +1100 +160
Indianapolis Colts +2500 +1300 -125
philadelphia eagles +2500 +1100 +150
philadelphia eagles +3000 +1600 +600
arizona cardinals +3500 +1500 +380
cleveland browns +3500 +1800 +450
Tennessee Titans +3500 +1800 +170
Miami Dolphins +3500 +1800 +475
New England Patriots +4000 +2200 +475
New Orleans Saints +4000 +1600 +320
minnesota vikings +4000 +1600 +250
Washington Commanders +8000 +4000 +575
Pittsburgh Staeelers +8000 +5000 +1100
New York Giants +10000 +5000 +800
Carolina Panthers +12500 +6000 +1100
Detroit Lions +12500 +6000 +900
jacksonville jaguars +12500 +6000 +650
Chicago Bears +15000 +7500 +1300
New York Jets +15000 +5500 +2200
Seattle Seahawks +20000 +7500 +2500
Atlanta Falcons +25000 +12500 +3500
Houston Texans +30000 +15000 +3500

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These are the favorite teams according to bookmakers for the 2022 NFL season