The whole truth about Griezmann (today): zero contact with Barcelona

The whole truth about Griezmann today zero contact with Barcelona

Psometimes things are clear in the case Griezmann, but one yes, above all: if he leaves, he will choose his destiny. There is no other reality, no matter how much pressure you want to put into the matter. Barter, or whatever it is, with Atltico (the club that he would choose), PSG, Liverpool, Manchester City … every day the media closest to the Barça club are sliding a different one as interested in the French attacker, but reality is that, in no case, Barcelona has transferred a concrete and serious operation to him. Not him, not his agents. Any.

Therefore it is impossible that Griezman is blocking nothing. They have not yet contacted him, neither for future issues, nor for salary issues. Without having the door closed in either case.

Let’s go with some basic concept to understand all this (not yet) negotiation because the case looks like it will drag on until the end of August. Novice ticketing: Griezmann You do not have to negotiate anything to continue, you have a current contract and you do not need to reach an agreement for your salary (although you can). The club cannot give you a letter of freedom or terminate (free) your bond. That also costs money. It is not a privilege of footballers, they are basic labor rights. Barcelona cannot propose a barter and reach an agreement with any club but without the player. Contract terminations are not free. For example: the basketball player Adam Hanga He charges to terminate his contract, goodbye, and signs, after collecting, with another club. The same as Luis Surez: he leaves, ok, okay, you pay him and he signs for another. This is how it works. Everything else is science fiction.

It is also legitimate to try to put pressure on the matter and make the affected person get nervous, get fed up, and decide to leave losing a fortune in exchange for mental health, but this It’s a much more 90s tactic than right now, that all footballers have a super professional environment.

What about the pay cut?

Nor have they opened their salary melon. Griezmann He is not among the highest paid players on the roster. And he is not because of the poor results of Barcelona, ​​since his salary is subsidized on account of the titles won by the club. Freeing himself from the French’s salary, right now, will not make Barcelona able to register Messi. It won’t even bring him closer to that goal in a decisive way. It would have to be a sum of agreements with the Umtiti, Dembele, Coutinho, Pjanic…, for example, to start talking.

The salary cut is a reality not only in Barcelona, ​​but in many LaLiga teams because of the pandemic. They have to negotiate it but never from a supposed position of strength, which they do not have as a club, but rather as an agreement with them. In fact some sacred cow del Bara has already shown his discomfort with the issue, always from the inside, and has begun to probe a plan B in case he had to force a way out. The normal thing, however, is that they manage to reach agreements with everyone. Including the 7th Gaul, if at any time they formally propose it.

The Bara is on the canvas

The agents and representatives of footballers are not stupid and they know that Barcelona is in a limit situation if it wants to renew Messi. Criticism Know that they just have to wait. There is a month ahead and the club’s presumed position of strength is going to be stamped face to face with reality: either they sell badly, or they don’t renew Messi. Anything else they want to try is legitimate, but unlikely.

Laporta s talked about Griezmann so as not to close any door: “He is a Bara player, he has a contract in force and unless there are different circumstances, we have him. There have been movements in the market but it is normal in the transfer market. We cannot deny that there has been interest in the player and that shows his quality. ” Mateu alemany the same, in a statement that deserves a diplomatic award for being able not to lie, to say everything without committing to anything: “He is a player who has a market, with interested clubs and we are building the squad looking for a financial balance. Antoine We have no problem, we are delighted with it. “” But if the market moves, we are open to all proposals that are presented because we are in a delicate moment in which we have to balance with the ‘financial fair play’ and that is why We must talk with all the players so that it does not harm them or at least it is the shortest possible time. We are making these balances and open to all the options that can be given in the market but none that would harm a competitive team “.

The reality right now (that this changes from day to day) is that no one on the team Griezmann has received a firm and serious proposal from Barcelona for nothing. That they will study everything that comes to them and that if it has to leave, because they reach a good agreement for both, it will be where the French says. And everyone is clear about their preferences.

If not, fulfill their contract, which for they are: to fulfill them. Both sides.