The three NFL running backs who will miss the season due to injuries


The NFL always has devastating injury news. In this case, they are three riders who were on their way to being protagonists in their respective franchises.

Travis Etienne, Cam Akers and JK Dobbins. (Photo: Getty Images)


Travis Etienne, Cam Akers and JK Dobbins. (Photo: Getty Images)

Injuries are part of the daily life of the NFL And one of the main objectives of the franchises in the preseason is not to go through without major complications in that sense, because having players out for the whole year before playing the games that matter is never good news.

The first major runner to fall was Cam Akers. The second-year RB of Los Angeles Rams he was injured 1 and a half months ago. Then less than a week ago Travis Etienne, rookie of Jacksonville Jaguars suffered the same fate and yesterday JK Dobbins, the runner who was also entering his second season with Baltimore Ravens met the same devastating fate.

The three had different complications, but in addition to being running backs, they had in common that they were shaping up to fulfill important roles in their franchises and his injuries mean that teams must quickly change plans and pages.

Cam Akers, JK Dobbins and Travis Etienne out for the season

Akers suffered a Achilles tendon rupture in a training session before the start of the preseason. Etienne had a sprain on the Lisfranc during the match against New Orleans Saints and Dobbins an anterior cruciate ligament tear this Sunday in the last game prior to the season against Washington.

In this way, Rams loses an Akers who seemed to take the main role while the same happened in Ravens that there was no doubt that the former Ohio State It would be RB1 of the team. At Jaguars, Etienne was the former partner of Trevor lawrence on Clemson and there was optimism in seeing how that chemistry would carry over to the NFL, but we will have to wait another year.

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