The story of Diego Armando Maradona and Mavys, the Cuban who conquered the heart of the ’10’ and who was going to enter Argentina in a suitcase | Football | sports

He met Mavys, 17 years old, on the island and for her he was willing to do real crazy things to get his way out.

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Diego Armando Maradona’s heart had a great activity throughout his life and many names found a place in him. One of them was Mavys, a 17-year-old girl whom he met in Cuba and for whom he was willing to do real crazy things to get her to Argentina. This is how it reveals Infobae, which recalls that the two met shortly after the footballer arrived in Cuba in 2000.

He did it accompanied by Claudia Villafañe, although they were already separated, and his goal was to enter a rehabilitation center to leave his addictions behind. He wanted to find Laura Cibilla, the waitress he fell in love with when he met her in 1998, but the fights and excesses caused his breakup in 2001 and the opening of a free way to find a new partner.

Maradona was convinced that Cibilla had been unfaithful to him with a worker from a hotel in Varadero, and he went there to get more details. However, after verifying that nothing had happened between them, he became friends with the man he had hated until then and he introduced him to the daughter of one of the workers: Mavys.


He was only 17 years old, but he managed to enchant one of the best footballers in history and the Golden Boy He set himself the goal of seeing her again, a goal that he wanted to achieve through any means. It was the original soup from which their sentimental relationship would later emerge, one that Diego made an effort to maintain by continually traveling the more than one hundred kilometers that separated his clinic from the young woman’s home.

Following the information from the same medium, both of them settled together in La Pradera, but Maradona’s jealousy began to surface. The young woman could barely leave home and the star even brought security from Argentina after a fight in a nightclub with a man who dared to compliment his girlfriend. ACE from Spain.

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To Argentina in a box

Maradona was in love with Mavys and wanted him to be in the tribute game he had at La Bombonera in 2001, the same one in which he pronounced the famous phrase “the ball is not stained.”

However, at that time the Cubans could not leave the country without a compelling reason, and that led Maradona to plan the transfer of the young woman in a box, the same one he used to carry his boots, balls and everything necessary to their travels. He took into account all the details: “I want them to make holes so he can breathe.”

Luckily for Mavys, the people closest to Maradona made him see reason and got a meeting with Fidel Castro, who before the footballer’s pleas, signed an authorization for Mavys to travel to Argentina on the condition that he return before they passed. twenty days from the end of the match.

In Argentina Mavys could barely be with Diego due to the number of cameras and journalists who were behind him in those days, but the player’s entourage took care of her and she took advantage of it to undergo cosmetic surgery to increase her chest.

Maradona gave her a great party at the Havana Club on the day Mavys turned 18, and their relationship lasted until 2003. The young woman knew that Diego Armando saw other women, but it was not until Adonay Frutos appeared that she decided to definitively end their relationship.

They saw each other a year later while Maradona underwent a new treatment and had a long talk, but nothing was like before. (D)