The Saints are living “The Jameizing Experience” this 2021

Having Jameis Winston is an experience full of highs and lows, and the Saints are finding that out in the 2021 NFL Season.

From the time he was with the Buccaneers it was clear that Jameis Winston was a QB capable of making all kinds of plays: he could throw 5 touchdowns or have three interceptions … sometimes in the same game. Now that he took over the reins of the Saints, precisely that is happening, and now everyone in New Orleans is seeing what is known as The Jameizing Experience.

Jameis Winston’s Afternoon

The Saints quarterback had it all in his team’s 33-22 victory over Washington: he completed 15 of 30 passes for 279 and threw four touchdown passes, but also had an interception and a fumble that gave him 10 points to locals.

And it is that when Jameis Winston plays everything can happen. In his first offensive series of the afternoon he threw this interception:

After that he replied with this 72-yard send for Deonte Harris:

To later have this fumble, courtesy of Chase Young’s hit:

Then came this Hail Mary to put his team forward before halftime:

Because yes, this all happened before the break. That’s the best way to explain The Jameizing Experience: you will suffer, then you will have fun. And everything will happen in a matter of minutes.

The problem for New Orleans

Right now the Saints are 3-2 and benefited from the Panthers’ loss to the Eagles, but after watching the game it is clear that Washington could have won with a better secondary defense. What’s more, if Washington had better capitalized on Winston’s two errors and not allowed both long passes, the first half would have presented a very different score.

This has been seen in this season: with Jameis Winston you can live from everything, and since there is no way to predict what will happen next, you can only hope that his mistakes are not as many as his successes. So far the balance is positive in New Orleans, but it does not seem that it will be something that can be maintained that way.

The Jameizing Experience It may sound like fun at first, but it is an affair that will become tiresome for the Saints and their fans as the regular season progresses. What’s more, when the Saints go 6-6 with little chance of reaching the postseason in their last five games, it will become clear that they must go in another direction with the QB position.

How many games can the Saints win with Jameis Winston? We await your comments in this same post or on social networks.