The promise of Micah Parsons, star of the Dallas Cowboys

NFL Dallas Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons said Friday that his goal for the 2022 season is break the record for most quarterback sacks in the league.

“Definitely 23 sacksthat is the goal, to break the record”, stressed the designated NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year and selected to the 2021 Pro Bowlin reference to surpassing the NFL mark of 22.5.

The current record jointly belongs to the Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker, Trent Jordan Watt, who caught up with him last season in week 18; and former New York Giants defender Michael Strahan, the first to impose it in the 2001 campaign.

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Parsons is a 23-year-old rookie who will play his second season in this 2022.

In his first campaign he stayed 1.5 sacks to match the mark for a rookie; he added 13, although he missed the last game of the season due to covid-19, which could not reach the 14.5 that Jevon Kearse of the Titans achieved in 1999.

The number of captures that Micah Parsons intends to reach in 2022

Parsons knows how difficult his goal is, so he also has a minimum number in case he fails to break the league record.

“It would be 15 as a minimum, 15 is what I want to reach”, he shared.

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the born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvaniapointed out that this requirement is not imposed by his coaches, nor by what the media expect of him after his explosion in his debut year.

“I don’t feel like I have to meet anyone’s expectations other than my own. I’m gonna go out and play my game. I’m not chasing anyone’s story, I just have to do my thing, that’s what brought me here and that’s what I’m going to continue to do.”

In addition to the 13 sacks he got in 2021, he added 84 tackles and forced three fumblesalthough he confessed that he had a pending issue, to help with an interception to the leader of the Cowboys, cornerback Trevon Diggs, who was the leader with 11.

“I told ‘Tre’ that he could help the team in interceptions this year. I’ve really been practicing to get my hands on a couple of interceptions this season.”

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The promise of Micah Parsons, star of the Dallas Cowboys