The player to watch for each of the teams in the NFL for the 2021 season

With the start of the new season of the NFL, there are many players who already have the spotlight on them. But only some will be decisive within the matches and will begin to shine in search of being the MVP of the Bell.

Most of the best looking players in the NFL are on offense.. It is no surprise, they are in charge, fundamentally in putting the points on the scoreboard, although the defense can also do it.

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QBs are the main faces of franchises, but that is not the case with all teams. Some have receivers, running backs, linebackers, perimeter players and even linesmen as their best players.; because in the NFL every position is essential for victory.

At we did an analysis in which we chose the player to follow from each of the teams. Some may be very predictable and for the simple fact of the talent of the players, but without further ado, here is the list.

Chiefs' Patrick Mahomes

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Players to watch from each team in the 2021 NFL season

National Conference

East Division

Dallas cowboys

Dak Prescott will return to the field after a long injury, although the QB is not the player to watch. Ezekiel Elliott, the running back must be the Cowboys’ point man and is that, given the uncertainty that Prescott generates, Elliott will have to carry the team on his shoulder.

New York Giants

In one of the weakest divisions in the NFL, the Giants came within one result of reaching the playoffs last buffer. It cost them work because on offense they lost Saquon Barkley, in this 2021, he returns to the NFL and the running back will be the weight man in the franchise.

Saquon Barkley is drafted by the Giants

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Philadelphia Eagles

Jalen Hurts took the starting job at the Eagles, tasked with being the team leader and as far as he was on the field, he did not disappoint. He has better weapons than he did last season and will have to take that step forward in Philadelphia.

Washington Football Team

Jamin Davies is a rookie who came to reinforce a line of experienced linebackers. But if rookie status is just a tag, his quality can put him as one of the best linebackers in the NFL and create a relentless defense that will go to the postseason once again.

Northern Conference

Chicago Bears

Andy Dalton and rookie Justin Fields came to a franchise in a more than necessary renovation, but the player to watch is on the wings. Allen Robinson II is a receiver that the QB will have to look for (whoever it is)

Detroit Lions

Jared Goff is the new signing of the Lions, they traded Statford after many years. Goff will be in charge of commanding the offense to achieve what many could not, a good postseason with a title option.

Green bay packers

Aaron Rodgers is the MVP of last season and although the Packers have great talent in each of their lines. Rodgers remains a determining factor and the most important player on the team.

Aaron Rodgers leaves his future with the Green Bay Packers up in the air: "I don't know, we'll see"

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Minnesota Vikings

Justin Jefferson gave a nice surprise and a great first impression last season. In his talent and his hands is much of the Vikings offense and those postseason options..

South Division

Atlanta Falcons

Julio Jones left the team, so Matt Ryan with all his experience should be in charge of carrying the full weight of the franchise– something he has already done and lost when he failed to rebound from the team’s Super Bowl debacle against the Patriots.

Carolina panthers

Christian McCaffrey is one of the best running backs in the league, although last season he was out of action with an injury. So this 2021 will be his claim to shine as the top star of the Panthers.

Christian McCaffrey with the Carolina Panthers

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New Orleans Saints

Drew Brees left, but not the talent in the Saints. Jameis Winston will be the starting QB, he was the strong card is in the corridor. Alvin Kamara has proven to be one of the best in the NFL and the only hope (possibly) from New Orleans.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tom Brady is the best player in the history of the NFL, no more should be said about who is the figure to follow in the current champions and with the objective of repeating a new championship, Brady will be the key piece.

West Division

Arizona cardinals

He signed top talents like James Corner as a running back and JJ Watt for his defense, but the real player to watch is just the same old man. DeAndre Hopkins is the offensive weapon that can make the Cardinals have that different factor to be able to seek the championship of the NFL.

Seattle Seahawks

Although you might think that Russell Wilson’s consistency and the experience he has had with the team would make him the player to watch, but they don’t. DK Metcalf is the true key player, as Wilson has never had a receiver of that quality., so the possibility of a good season increases thanks to the receiver.

Los Angeles Rams

One of the teams that has a defensive player as the element to watch. Aaron Donald is that player who has the ounce to make the team a true title contender, finally.

San Francisco 49ers

San Francisco has many weapons in attack although it does not seem like it. He’s very talented in his pickups and a very talented running back, but the important player is a tight end. George Kittle has the entire future of the 49ers in his hands.

George Kittle, 49ers tight end

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American Conference

East Division

Buffalo bills

Josh Allen is the Bills’ hope to return to a Super Bowl and hopefully win it this time. In honor of the truth, Allen could lead to that and more, as he has what it takes to achieve that long-awaited title for Bills Mafia..

Miami dolphins

No good news we can bring to Dolphins fans – sorry for that starting scoop. It was difficult to choose a key player for this NFL season, but if they can aspire to something serious with Tua Taugaviloa, the QB is the talent to follow.

New England Patriots

With the departure of Cam Newton and the designation of Mac Jones -Here we leave you a little of its history- as the starting QB, since the weight of one of the most winning franchises, it will fall on his back, so he will have a tough first season.

Mac Jones, the new Patriots QB whose real name is different from the one used on the jersey

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New York Jets

Zach Wilson will replace Sam Darnold, the last great draft prospect for the Jets that didn’t work out, so with the team’s recent arrival on offense, will have to do wonders to return the Jets to the postseason.

North Division

Baltimore Ravens

Lamar Jackson has been carrying the weight of the Ravens for several years, with a more than complicated division and the level of competition that rises, this year should be the good one, since Lamar has the conditions, but he still lacks that leap in quality in the NFL.

Cinccinati Bengals

Joe Mixon has been with the franchise for several years now, QB’s and receivers are coming, but the only thing for sure is the talent of the running back that has led the Bengals to dream of a winning season. in this 2021. His teammates will be fundamental, but not as much as Mixon is.

Pittsburgh steelers

TJ Watt is one of the best linebackers and puts the term “the iron curtain” back on opposing offenses.. He is the leader of the defense and of the entire team with the goal of reaching the postseason again and this time not losing to Cleveland.

Cleveland browns

Baker Mayfield remains the strong weapon of the Browns in pursuit of the postseason And we cannot deny that he has a great team around him, but he is the fundamental piece of a team that enters the NFL 2021 with more dreams of making history.

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South Division

Houston Texans

With what has happened before the preseason with Deshaun Watson and everything that disarmed the franchise, little is left in the team to be able to get the potatoes out of the fire. Mark Ingram will be the key piece on which they cement the 2021 season.

Indianapolis Colts

With Carson Wentz leaving doubts about his start to the season, the defense will have to come out and Darius Leonard is the one to be the commander of a line of linebackers who can help the team find results. positive.

Jacksonville Jaguars

The new star QB of the NFL will have to be in charge of being the player to watch. Trevor Lawrence has all the qualities that a quarterback should haveSo with the Jaguars you will have the opportunity to shine at the top.

Tennessee Titans

The most powerful running back in the NFL, Derrick Henry is a monster -in good terms-, When he starts to run, few can stop him and surely he will not want to put anyone in his way. As long as they have Henry in the backfield, he’s the player to watch.

Derrick Henry of the Tennessee Titans

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West Division

Denver Broncos

Von Miller is a veteran, but don’t let his age fool you, he still has everything to be the name of the Broncos this season.. His experience puts him at the forefront of the team when it comes to giving a player to watch in 2021.

Kansas city chiefs

Patrick Mahomes is the best player in the NFL, chosen by the players themselves and it must be for something. He has an unsurpassed quality and thirst for revenge after being on the ground in the last Super Bowl. He will have to remove the thorn and give a season to which he has us accustomed, of many TDs.

Las vegas raiders

Although Derek Carr is the Raiders’ main weapon, there is one other player they should pay attention to. He has already given many problems to opposing defenses and it is the receiver Henry Ruggs III. He has careful hands and they can cause a lot of problems in the opposing perimeters.

Los Angeles Chargers

Justin Herbert proved to be a confident QB in his first year in the NFL, so with the experience of one season, this 2021 has to be the beginning of a consolidation. for the future career of the quarterback and the Chargers.

Justin Herbert's only historic record in the Chargers win over the Saints

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