The Pittsburgh Steelers can’t repeat the same mistake they made with Dan Marino

Nearly 40 years after passing up a talented passer from Pitt University, Kenny Pickett can redeem the franchise as their quarterback of the future.

Almost 40 years have passed since that 1983 NFL Draft in which the Pittsburgh Steelers drafted defensive tackle with his first at-bat Gabriel Riveraletting go of Dan Marinowhich is considered one of the biggest mistakes in team history.

The Steelers they needed a replacement Terry Bradshawand they did not seem very convinced with their recruit of Draft 1980, Mark Malone. Even so, they decided not to select the current member of the NFL Hall of Fame, Marino.

But, life gives second chances. In 1983, Marine he was quarterback of the University of Pittsburghhis hometown, while for the 2022 NFL Draftthere is also a quarterback from pitt, Kenny Pickettconsidered one of the best prospects at the position.

Although history seems to repeat itself, the Steelers they cannot afford to experience the same outcome.

After the withdrawal of Ben Roethlisberger at the end of last season, pittsburgh currently has as quarterbacks Mitch Trubisky, Dwayne Haskins and Mason Rudolf, who have suffered a lot to establish themselves as great players; they have had flashes, but also too many ups and downs.

All this brings us to his first selection of the Draft 2022where they can give confidence to their current passers and strengthen another position, or think about not repeating what happened with Marine and go for his quarterback of the future.

Marine He played four years, from 1979 to 1982, for the panthers, leading the team since his first college season. In his rookie season he had 10 touchdown passes and 1,680 yards on 222 passes, posting a 58.6 percent shooting percentage.

He kept up a similar pace for 1980, recording 15 touchdowns and 1,609 yards, but in his junior year he realized his full potential. He had an extraordinary 37 touchdown passes and 2,876 yards, earning a career-best 59.5 percent shooting percentage, setting several school records.

His career in pitt He finished with 79 touchdown passes and 8,597 passing yards, after completing 693 of 1,204 passes, leaving records and a great legacy with the panthers.

But, his passing records for a season and for a career were surpassed by Kenny Pickett who, although he had an additional year, took great advantage of it to show his full potential.

Pickett He began his collegiate career in 2017 as the third quarterback in the order, but in 2018 he earned the starting job and started with good numbers: 12 touchdown passes and 1,969 yards. In his third and fourth seasons he improved, raising his passing effectiveness to more than 60 percent. In addition, in 2019 he added 3,098 yards for 13 touchdown passes, while in 2020 he exceeded 2,400 yards and threw 13 touchdown passes, additionally contributing eight touchdown passes.

Due to the pandemic, the NCAA allowed players to have one more year of eligibility, which he accepted Pickett and it was the best decision, because it was his best season. The 2021 campaign ended with 42 touchdown passes, breaking the record for Marineand 4,319 yards through the air, in addition to having an effectiveness rate of 67.2 percent and contributing with five touchdowns on the ground.

in my second Mock DraftI considered that Pickett he wouldn’t be the first quarterback selected, and he could go as far as the Steelers without them having to climb positions. For me, if it comes to them, they should choose Pickett and not make the same mistake they did 40 years ago, because we don’t know the quality that the young promise of pitt.

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The Pittsburgh Steelers can’t repeat the same mistake they made with Dan Marino