The Patriots ‘humiliated’ and the NFL knows the ‘new Tom Brady’ in the playoffs

Tom Brady is unavoidable. And that the player of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers I had no occupation on the first day of ‘WildCards’ from the NFL Playoffs. It is, because the team of all his life, the New England Patriots, They returned to the post-season. The first time in sin Brady for more than two decades. An absolutely unfortunate return, as the most successful franchise was crushed by the Buffalo Bills.

Patriots and Bills had passed 18 weeks fighting for the division, but in the post-season the story is different. From second 1, the Bills traced the script perfect offensively: no loose balls and every play ended in a touchdown. The main culprit, positively, was Josh Allen, who became the leader of your team. Five passes to convert in total and only four incomplete passes.

47-17 in the electronic against one of the best defenses of the course. A lesson in directing, with the ability to Allen to send at all times. Hard corrective to some Patriots than in 2021-22 they had smiled again. And, as is clear, doubts will arise. Although the great boss of him, Bill Belichick has confirmed that he will continue to command the Foxboro ship and not withdraw. “I would say that it is correct that I am going to continue,” he sentenced.

Joe Burrow, in the Playoffs: the NFL knows the ‘heir to the king’

In the game that started the post-season of the NFLwith the duel between the Cincinnati Bengals and Las Vegas Raidersthe league met the staunchest heir to Tom Brady. Joe Burrow He appeared in society in a fight match for the great successes, dominating the match from the pass. While is true that Trey Hendricksonin defense, it was torture for the attackers of the franchise of Nevada.

Burrowselected at number 1 in the 2020 draft, but with a practically blank year after a serious injury, and his best partner, Ja’Marr Chase, broke a curse that had plagued the Bengals for 31 years. Finally, they won in the playoffs. A tighter 19-26 than the match was, because from the first possession there was no color. The former quarterback of LSU He shone with the different pass alternatives, something indefensible for his rivals.

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A way of playing, which added to the attitude, reminds Tom Brady. Not the current one, because obviously the mobility is not the same, but the ability to interpret the game better than the rest. And in the mental realm, Burrow can be defined as tireless. “We have to improve in attack,” he said after eliminating the raiders.

So, and thanks to the second-year quarterback, the Bengals advance to the divisional round of the American in which his rival will be the fearsome Bills. A crash in which Burrow must pull out his best tricks, because the defense of buffalo is more than tuned.


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The Patriots ‘humiliated’ and the NFL knows the ‘new Tom Brady’ in the playoffs