The Olympic Tri wins, likes and hits … some tourists

LOS ANGELES – Panama detonated the optimism of Tri Olympic. Mexico unleashed the alarms in the Panama of the Gold Cup, if this is its best version. At times, the gutters looked like accidental tourists

However, neither the Mexican joy is definitive, nor the canal pessimism is definitive. The best challenges for both are beyond Nashville.

For now, the Tri presented in society to its titular cadre to open the Olympic Games from Tokyo in view of France. Jaime lozano, via headquarters of Gerardo Martino, has nothing to move him anymore.

3-0 was the scoreboard. festival of Diego Lainez (’21) complement of a wonder of calculation and precision of Luis Romo at 1-0. The Montes Puppy exceeds the scarecrow mark of Panama, and sentenced with a header in a corner kick. As of ’91, Henry Martin make a wall with Him Louse Alvarado, and shoot.

Panamanian nightmares are like everyone else’s: a wicked and playful damn dwarf. This Wednesday night I had the ten on the back of that chromatic sadness that is the Mexican shirt.

Yes, Diego Lainez organized his party. Where he stepped there was intrigue and revelry with the ball. The veteran Erick davis it became his lapdog in the forays into the area, until the Panamanian drew the weapons he sharpened in Slovakia, hit him at the ankle, and even the yellow one tasted sweet among the cloying of revenge.

Mexico he felt comfortable, relaxed. Panama He wanted to play soccer, but without much commitment. The mastiffs were appearing when the impotence began to whip his frustration.

Luis Romo ratified his absolute personality exposed in the Guard1anes 2021. Reliable player, supportive when necessary, and a timely and pungent relief in the attack. Your exact change, with the benefits for Lainez, confirms that he is the footballer who offers the best start from the bottom and with the most aggressive peripheral vision from the midfield.

When Sebastian Cordova, Alexis Vega, Diego Lainez Y Henry Martin understand the times, and Charlie Rodriguez wake up from your long slumber, Luis Romo you will better control the Olympic machinery.

Between the initial laxity of Panama, and its lassitude in the final minutes, the Mexican Olympic delegation encountered less and less opposition, almost as if it had a secret arsenal that it had chosen not to show knowing that the Tata martino he was on the bench.

The Panamanian baptism in the gold Cup will be in the pile of Qatar, the opulent guest to this gold Cup. You have a week to improve under the command of a Thomas Christiansen that he will have to work overtime in that defensive delicacy and in the lack of depth of a team, which, certainly, Mexico He stole the balls, this Wednesday night, without excessive effort.

Relevant discipline, civility, the order of the fans that sold out the seats that were put up for sale. The scream, the one that does not insult anyone, according to FMF, but terrorizes everyone in the FMF, did not appear. Sure, you know, the best mask against the homophobic howl is victory.

TO Mexico the threat of early elimination looms in JJOO. Share neighborhood with France, Japan Y South Africa. The first two will have starting players scattered across European clubs, while the third will tentatively play only with local league players.

France will have the presence of two ‘Mexicans’: André Pierre Gignac Y Florian Thauvin, both belonging to Tigres. Your third reinforcement is Teji Savanier, from Montpellier. Will you celebrate Gignac if you dial Mexico? Surely yes.

Japan, in turn, with Takefusa kubo (Getafe) as a reference, I would add – tentatively -, among the largest Maya Yoshida, veteran of Sampdoria, already Wataru endo of the Sttutgart.

Mexico Y Japan they met in November 2020, in Austria, in a friendly of senior teams. The Tri won 2-0 with goals from Raul Jimenez Y Chucky lozano. That was the last game of the Greater Wolf before the brutal clash of heads with David Luiz, which still has its return to the courts in a waiting time.

The Tri will go to Japan with these three experienced: the archer Guillermo Ochoa, the all-rounder and champion with Cruz Azul, Luis Romo, and the ram Henry Martin. All three passed before, true, the accidental tourists of Panama, with a 3-0 that raises a lot, but says very little.