The NFL updates the protocols around Covid-19

In measures that recalled the atmosphere of the 2020 season, the NFL updated its protocols in response to an increase in COVID-19 cases, and promote the application of booster vaccines as the most effective measure against the coronavirus.

As part of its protocol changes, the league is requiring players, coaches and employees to wear face masks regardless of whether they are vaccinated. Likewise, request to privilege meetings at a distance or in the open air.

Collective lunches will end now the visit of people outside the teams when they are traveling.

“Finally, and based on expert advice, we will adjust the return-to-participation requirements for those who have recovered from COVID-19,” the league stated in a statement. “All of these changes are based on our strategy, backed by data and science, and whose primary goal is the safety of the entire NFL community. “

The updated protocols must be fulfilled from the matches of week 15, but they will remain in force or even harden at later dates.

Dr. Allen Sills, the league’s chief medical officer, said that the micron variant is “in many ways like a new disease to be addressed.” This variant is attributed to the significant increase in positive cases of COVID-19 at equipment facilities, according to Sills.

The league and the players’ union, advised by independent authorities on infectious diseases, they have developed a mechanism in the protocols, leading to shorter absences for people who test positive.

Before, a vaccinated person -whether a player, coach, executive or employee- and whoIf you test positive, you must have two negative results within a 24-hour interval and be asymptomatic before receiving the go-ahead to return. From now on, the new protocols relax that requirement.

Two tests will suffice PCR or Mesa -or one of each type- that are negative. The logistics for this can speed up the return of the players.

Thursday, the Chicago Bears were left without their three coordinators due to COVID-19 protocols, just as they prepare for the Monday night game against the Minnesota Vikings.

The coronavirus has hit the Bears hard this week. This is one of many teams that have reported positive cases. About 100 players from the 32 teams have tested positive.

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The NFL updates the protocols around Covid-19