The NFL Power Rankings, at the end of Week 3

After three days, it is time to review the hierarchical order of the 32 clubs of the National Football League

Three days into the 2021 regular season have now passed, and it is still very difficult to take the pulse of the vast majority of teams.

Although the vast majority of the teams that still do not know the victory do not surprise us, it is unexpected to see the list of those that do not know the defeat yet.

Clubs that looked very bad just two days ago today look unstoppable, and others that started with the right foot are in free fall.

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After the third date of action in the regular 2021 campaign has concluded, this is how the hierarchical order of the company is currently listed. NFL, according to

Note: The numbers in parentheses correspond to the position of each team in the previous week.


The Rams had a near-perfect performance against the Buccaneers, the defense stopped Tom Brady and Matthew Stafford ignited the passing attack to secure the victory. The only problem is that the running game is still missing and that could take its toll on them in the future when it becomes difficult to throw the ball. – EC


The big jump of the week, in the part of our list, we give it to a Carolina painting from which the names of Brian Burns, Jeremy Chinn, Derrick Brown and Haason Reddick must be learned very well. Now, it’s time to get around injury hurdles. – RZ


The score against the Jaguars (31-19) does not indicate that they suffered much to beat a team now 0-3, but the defense forced the necessary deliveries in the fourth quarter to bury any kind of surprise that would have punished them severely. in the hierarchical list. – LMV


The Bucs’ loss to Rams is a reminder that there are no invincible teams in the NFL, even if it is the defending champion who has back all the starting players who lifted the Lombardi Trophy last February. – EC


“Aaron Rodgers for Davante Adams” is unfair to almost any team, with almost any defensive backs; Against a severely decimated 49ers, it was impossible to compete. – RZ


Buffalo is starting to look like the team we’ve been waiting for since the preseason and had a field day against Washington as demonstrated by Josh Allen with his five touchdowns in the afternoon. They have no competition in the AL East. – LMV


It is true that two of the three victories of the Raiders have been decided in overtime, but this should not detract any merit from a team that has found a way to win games in which it has been down on the scoreboard by more than 10 points. . – EC


Aaron Rodgers wasn’t the only quarterback to position his kicker to win the game with a heroic field goal at the end, converting a long fourth down with just seconds left. Lamar Jackson did the exact same thing, but without the luxury of a Davante Adams on the other side of his country. – RZ


The defense, despite being the Jets, deserves separate mention for the shutout, the five sacks and the two interceptions, but they need an authority blow against relevant opponents (like the Ravens in Week 4), because their victories have been against Giants, Jaguars and the aforementioned Jets. – LMV


The Browns look stronger every week, they have dangerous weapons on the attack and the defense has stepped up with the pass-rusher pair of Myles Garrett and Jadeveon Clowney. The best part for Cleveland is that it still has plenty of room to grow this season. – EC


Just 12 months ago, there were those who predicted Andy Dalton taking ownership of a Dak Prescott “who was at risk.” OKAY. – RZ


San Francisco misses Robert Saleh on the wings more than you think, by missing the opportunity to put more pressure on Aaron Rodgers with an offensive line that did not have David Bakhtiari or Elgton Jenkins, but you have to give them credit for getting a game in. the one that all the time they were down and with a considerable difference. – LMV


Derrick Henry remains the key to success for the Titans and that is not a good thing for the running back who could eventually suffer the consequences of a long season attrition if receivers AJ Brown and Julio Jones do not start producing at the level expected in Tennessee. – EC


Jameis Winston has become a short passer under Sean Payton, somewhat mimicking what was seen of Drew Brees in his later years in New Orleans. That I did not expect. – RZ


Maybe we should stop considering wins against superior teams like the Chiefs as surprises thanks to the great work they are doing with Justin Herbert, but we also cannot think that his defense will force three deliveries in consecutive series. You don’t see that every day either. – LMV


Joe Burrow has found the perfect partner in former collegiate teammate Ja’Marr Chase, combining for four touchdowns this season, two of them in a surprise away win over the Steelers. As long as Burrow and Chase stay connected, Cincinnati can hope to fight for a playoff spot. – EC


The Chiefs have developed an interesting allergy to ball possession that has them lurching to the bottom half of the table. The truth is, this team desperately lacks a No. 2 wide receiver, and we’re not sure Josh Gordon is more than the current roster. – RZ


It’s hard to aim for wins when one week you’re run over by Derrick Henry and the next the offense is unable to score points in the second half of games. – LMV


Finally came the first victory of the season for the Vikings, who found a way to survive the loss of running back Dalvin Cook with a solid performance from quarterback Kirk Cousins, who only missed eight passes and threw three touchdowns. This shows Minnesota will go as far as inconsistent Cousins ​​takes it and I’m not sure that’s good news. – EC


Whenever a team accumulates high wholesale draft picks, like the Dolphins in recent years, they are automatically considered offseason winners. However, you need to know how to invest those selections to be winners during the campaign. – RZ


The offense is suffering a lot to move the ball and a lot has to do with the maturation period of Mac Jones as his quarterback, and now it will be up to Tom Brady, who comes from being beaten by the Rams, will come with still more motivation. – LMV


The Steelers are in free fall due to the poor level of the offense and the poor decisions of quarterback Ben Roethlisberger; plus the absences of TJ Watt and Alex Highsmith don’t help defensively either. Will 2021 be the first year that Pittsburgh has a losing record under Mike Tomlin? – EC


Is there greater disappointment this year as a group than Washington’s defensive line? Seeing Daron Payne dumped as a rag isn’t exactly what was predicted earlier this year. – RZ


It was painful to watch the game against the Giants, but making their debut in the victory column is what they must rescue since there is little else to boast of a victory like the one they obtained in the Big Apple. – LMV


The season has barely started, but Philadelphia should already be wondering if Jalen Hurts really is the long-term answer at quarterback. – EC


The extreme of desperation comes quickly for a Chicago team already thinking of starting with Nick Foles as the starting quarterback. I don’t know what other kind of white flag Matt Nagy needs to wave to understand that he has surrendered here. – RZ


A loss like the one they suffered Thursday at home to the Panthers was to be expected. Davis Mills and the offense were only able to convert a third down in nine attempts and had a meager 193-yard production. Now his only victory at the moment looks like a mirage. – LMV


What else must the Lions do to win a game this season? On Sunday they rallied in the final minutes until Justin Tucker plunged a dagger into their heart with a historic 66-yard field goal to give the Ravens the victory. This is a blow from which they will hardly recover. – EC


Blake Martinez was one of the few consistently productive players on the New York roster, and losing him for the year is a huge blow. – RZ


They couldn’t contain a yard-eating machine like Derrick Henry and that’s normal, but they still can’t find answers to several of the questions they have. Far from improving week by week, they are getting worse. – LMV

The Jaguars went to 18 straight losses after failing to maintain their lead over the Cardinals in the second half. Trevor Lawrence needs to better protect the ball because he’s on pace to finish with 40 interceptions for the season, a figure that only guarantees that the win drought won’t end anytime soon. – EC


No team has been as openly confident and devoted to its new rookie quarterback in recent months as the Jets, and the mere thought that perhaps they could have failed the draft should be enough to make anyone’s hair stand on end; this team doesn’t have a plan-B. – RZ

They participate in the elaboration of the NFL Power Rankings for ESPN: Erick Cervantes (EC), Luis Miguel Vasavilbaso (LMV) and Rafael Zamorano (RZ).