The NFL Playoffs 2022-2023, at the moment: classified teams, games and crosses for the postseason

The nfl advances in its Regular Phase and the teams that will be fighting for Vince Lombardi in the Super Bowl 2023. Next, it’s time to review How is the outlook for the Playoffs in both Conferences and how would they be giving postseason crossovers at this time.

The format of the NFL Playoffs 2022-2023

In total, 14 teams will qualify for the Playoffs: 7 for the American Conference and 7 for the National. The same will be winners of each of the four divisions of each Conference, in addition to the three best remaining records of said Conferences, who will receive the wildcards (wildcards).

The only teams that avoid the Wild Card Round and advance directly to the Divisional Round are the best records from each conference.

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What teams are already qualified for the NFL Playoffs?

The first team to qualify for the nfl playoffs was one of the sensations of the campaign: Philadelphia Eagles. The team reached Week 10 undefeated (8-0) and surprised in a very even NFC East. san francisco 49ers He also took a ticket; he did it after beating the Seattle Seahawks in Week 15 TNF.

Minnesota Vikingswith the historic comeback vs. indianapolis coltstook over the NFC North, while buffalo bills became the first from the AFC to guarantee its place in the fight for the ring after beating the Miami Dolphins 32-29 in the Eastern division duel. In Week 15 also arrived the classifications of Kansas City Chiefs plus dallas cowboys.

In summary, The qualifiers for the NFL Playoffs are:

  • Philadelphia Eagles (NFC East)
  • Dallas Cowboys (NFC East)
  • San Francisco 49ers (NFC West)
  • Minnesota Vikings (NFC North)
  • Buffalo Bills (AFC East)
  • Kansas City Chiefs (AFC West)
  • Dallas Cowboys (NFC East)

Those classified to the NFL Playoffs today, at the moment

rk. american conference National Conference
1 Buffalo Bills (11-3) Philadelphia Eagles (13-1)
2 Kansas City Chiefs (11-3) Minnesota Vikings (11-3)
3 Cincinnati Bengals (10-4) San Francisco 49ers (10-4)
4 Tennessee Titans (7-7) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (6-8)
5 Baltimore Ravens (9-5) Dallas Cowboys (10-4)
6 LA Chargers (8-6) New York Giants (8-5-1)
7 Miami Dolphins (8-6) Washington Commanders (7-6-1)

Those who are in the fight in the american conference They are: New England Patriots (7-7), New York Jets (7-7), Jacksonville Jaguars (6-8), Las Vegas Raiders (6-8), Cleveland Browns (6-8), Pittsburgh Steelers (6- 8) and Indianapolis Colts (4-9-1).

Those who are in the fight in the National Conference They are: Seattle Seahawks (7-7), Detroit Lions (7-7), Green Bay Packers (6-8), Carolina Panthers (5-9), New Orleans Saints (5-9) and Atlanta Falcons (5-9). ).

The crosses of the NFL Playoffs today, at the moment

Wild Card Round

Conference Local Visitor
American Kansas City Chiefs Miami Dolphins
American cincinnati bengals LA Chargers
American Tennessee Titans Baltimore Ravens
National Minnesota Vikings Washington Commanders
National san francisco 49ers new york giants
National Tampa Bay Buccaneers dallas cowboys

divisional round

Conference Local Visitor
American buffalo bills 4th Classified
American 2nd Classified 3rd Classified
National Philadelphia Eagles 4th Classified
National 2nd Classified 3rd Classified

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The NFL Playoffs 2022-2023, at the moment: classified teams, games and crosses for the postseason