The NFL expects to add $ 270 million in bets this season. What implications does it have for the league?


The Nationall Football League hopes to bring that figure to $ 1 trillion in a few years, posing a significant challenge to the championship authorities.

The NFL expects gambling money to turn into a significant income (Getty Images)


The NFL expects gambling money to turn into a significant income (Getty Images)

In the USA it is increasingly common for gambling to be viewed favorably. In fact, there are not a few states that are legalizing sports betting, so the National Football League You are not overlooking this opportunity for solid financial gains.

According to a Washington Post report, the NFL He hopes to raise an incredible $ 270 million during the 2021-2022 season that begins on September 9. However, that number seems small with what they project in a few years when the figure could reach a trillion dollars.

“Without a doubt you can see the market growing to more than a billion dollars for the league in this decade.”, said Christoper Halpin, vice president and director of strategy and growth of the NFL. Some numbers that are not at all negligible but that put the main leaders of the league in a situation of alert.

Double-edged weapon

Whether it’s $ 270 million or $ 1 trillion, the numbers for bets received by the National Football League It has to set a focus of attention for the authorities of the league to be particularly careful to be able to maintain the integrity of the game and efficiently combat the corruption that could be generated.

The NFL as the NBA and the MLB They are getting a lot out of the money from the bets but in order to keep it as a sustainable business they will have to work hard to decipher the problems that may arise along the way and solve them, otherwise the business will not be so lucrative.

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